The Deep Breath Thread

We need one.

Tough game today. Lotta heart, coaching left a bit to be desired, but…….breath in, breath out, we’re on to Atlanta.


I mean we are 1-1. The sky isn’t falling.


I don’t like our chances in Atlanta after seeing the progression from game 1 to game 2.


We played a team that was in the playoffs last year with elite offensive weapons, played a D+ calibre game, and lost by one score in OT. As disappointing as this game was, if I told everyone before the season started that we would be 1-1 after these first two games, a lot of people would have taken that.


Seeing the defense sit back and not try to pressure a team missing BOTH starting OTs made me more pessimistic than I have been since 1-6 last season.

No deep breaths for me.

All of the hope I had for this season is gone.
It will take a significant improvement for me to think AG is the right guy to take this defense to a level that might win a single playoff game.


Atlanta has a very shaky defense and their starting QB is very inexperienced. Losing to Atlanta would have me very concerned with the season outlook


I think that’s why you need the deep breaths brother! 95% of the population had the Lions losing to the Chiefs and beating Seattle. Well it happened oppositely. It’s the NFL.

Did the Lions play well? Hell no they didn’t, and they BETTER clean some shit up, but 1-1 and tied for the division lead (mostly) with 15 weeks to go does not scare me off.


I put way too much into our “much improved” defense.
We have Hutch, and no answers.
Our offense was exposed last week.
The Refs are the one constant that we count on.

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Atlanta is giving up 17 points per game and 277.5 yards per gMe so far this season.

They have a new DC and many new players… some of which I would have liked to be Lions… so I am not sure how anyone can say they are “shaky” at this point.

Jessie Bates forced 3 TOs in week 1, and they added Calais Campbell and Onyemata on the D line…. plus Bud Dupree at edge and Kaden Ellis at LB.

They could be a very improved defense this year.

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I have taken my deep breath. We’re going to be fine.


I wonder how the Arizona fans are feeling right now?


“All of the hope I had for this season is gone.a”

Well that’s a bit much isn’t it?


Atlanta may be the better barometer where the Lions are at
Seattle is a decent team and didn’t do anything to beat themselves

Nah. Losing Montgomery is going to radically change this offense for the worse. Panic is warranted.


I mean sure, but objectively, the team looks like more ass than we thought. Alot of season, but def more ass than I though I’d see

Wait, is he out for awhile?


The defense was bailed out by Kelce missing last week and Toney dropping the ball (repeatedly)……

and today AG shitt the bed against a bunch of backup OL guys…
at home.

If the defense doesn’t improve significantly soon…
I struggle to see how this team wins more games than last year.

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Doesn’t sound like a while. I would imagine next 2 weeks then back for week 5 with 10 days after the Thursday night game.

I don’t like our chances in Atlanta either. It would mean we missed the game since it is in Detroit. :rofl:

The biggest problem people are having right now is that in their minds the Seahawks are a terrible football team. So anything less than winning by 3+ scores was never going to be acceptable. The gameday thread is proof of that.

Explain to me how “sending pressure” exploits a bad OT that is already blocking one of our DEs? Would their starting OTs block multiple guys on each play?

Desmond Ridder is able to do the thing that we have the most trouble defending against. We saw it when we played them in preseason.

Green Bay just dropped 24 on them with several of their players missing the game. The “average” is due to a small sample size that has the Panthers in the data set. Early odds have us scoring 25+ points against the Falcons.

They should know they are tanking, right?

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