The Deep Breath Thread

Losing games is inevitable. I don’t know if it’s the PTSD with Lions fans or what, but Lions fans don’t take the losses well. While losing is inevitable it’s how the Lions bounce back that will matter. In years past I would expect a slide. Now? I honestly don’t know. I like not knowing how they will respond after years of knowing. I mean it’s week two. I don’t think we know what any team is made of yet.


it’s how you lose.

What’s the right way to lose? If you lose, something went wrong at different points in the game, or the other team wouldn’t have any points on the board.

Turnovers my man.

Campbell can’t prevent that throw or that fumble.

While we may not agree on my Rams. I applaud you ability to call a spade a spade regarding Glenn and your defense. I feel for you guys, really. It’s a shame to waste such a good offense. Especially while your top guys on O are still on the cheap.

I would have rather lost to the chiefs and beat the Seahawks. I guess I’ll take it though. :joy:

Offense was moving the ball really well. Over 400 yards and 31 points. Just gotta clean up the turnovers. AG’s defense left a lot to be desired, but we still win pretty easily if we don’t spot them 14 free points.


Dan Campbell is a big hairy American winnin’ machine.

If you don’t you big red… Then ■■■■ you

Hairy you say!? Did you mean Harry?

dumb and dumber to GIF

I took my deep breath. I was calm. This was a one off. The team needed this. Etc.

Then Gardner-Johnson went from “fine” to “out for the season” literally with the snap of Rapaport’s fingers.

I am very much not calm now. Everyone…panic!!!

crowd panic GIF by South Park

Lions fans 10 days ago:

Lions fans today:

Wait until JKerb’s “hip” injury has him in the concussion protocol in another day or two.

He knocked himself out on that goal line DK hit.

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Great win today! Rookies looked fantastic and defense bounced back big time.

Huuuuuuge prime time divisional road game in a short week coming up.