The Deep Dark Abyss

Just remembering this speech from Hard Knocks. This game represents exactly what Dan was talking about. A top competitive team (Bills) is gonna be dangerous and out in deep waters. Can we survive, and more so, can we tread water long enough to bury the Bills into the abyss?

“You gotta get in the water to compete”

  • We are in the water now. This Lions team is competitive.

“Top 4 or 5 teams are dangerous (in the shallows and abyss)”

  • That is the Bills team we are about to face. One of the 4 or 5 best teams in the NFL.

“You just got to get a hold of em’ though…just get a hold of em. And you start dragging their ass out to the Deep Dark Abyss----------------you can drown em”

  • National stage, record home crowd, 3 game winning streak, a top NFL opponent. This game is gonna be played in deep, dark waters.

“That’s what we gotta be, that’s who we have to be, because that is OUR domain”

“We’ll tread water as long as it takes to f$#%ing bury you”


What you’re telling me is D.J. Shark is about to have the game of his life!!!


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It’s not impossible.

I don’t have us winning this game. But there’s a thing about hitting a stride and winning 3 games in a row in November, and what that might forecast.

The problem is injuries on our interior OL and CB. Our current weaknesses stack up against their strengths. You don’t have to like it, but it’s the truth.

In fact, we could get decimated because the Bills are a team that can capitalize on advantages. That would say more about them than us, IMO.

Which is why if we win, all bets are off. 4 in a row isn’t a ■■■■■■■ accident.


Agreed, but that’s exactly what I said last week, the Giants excelled at running the ball and we hadn’t been able to stop it all year, so i predicted they’d run it down our throats and then Barkley had 15 carries for 22 yards. So who freaking knows!

With that said, missing Okudah really sucks… Who is covering Diggs!?


Our last two wins were a product of an improving defense. That must continue if we want to compete with the Bills.


I’m a realist. I think the odds are 50% or so that they beat us by a touchdown or more, 40% that they beat us by less than a TD, and 10% that the Lions win.

That being said, they’re in OUR house on OUR day against a bunch of scrappy guys feeling good about themselves and what they can do. The Bills ought not bring a cakewalk attitude to what’s bound to be a slugfest.


So much truth to that. Look at Nate Diaz. He’s won so many fights where he got destroyed in early rounds…then all of a sudden…he Diaz’s your ass. That’s what it looks like.
Diego Sanchez used to do it (though it looked totally different).

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W o r d

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I think we should treat all of the block filter output as an immediate call to play Wheel of Fortune, only we substitute words that WE think should fit in there instead of what we all know was the intended word.

Its kinda like if Wheel of Fortune had a baby with Family Feud, though really a Richard Dawson/Vanna White baby is something I shouldnt have made anyone think about…anyhoo…

Here, I’ll start.

It isn’t a farging accident.


I assumed he meant it isn’t a “vaginal” accident


Great comparison actually! And Sakuraba and Royce before them.

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Yup - crazy cool stuff

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The end zone is covering Diggs. At least 2 probably 3 times.

He can have a big game today
I think he will get more targets than we’ve seen in any game this year


Exactly what we should hope for
I think we can expect a fully juiced up Lions team today
Not likely to be enough for 60 minutes

I like that local expectations are grounded

chef talking GIF by South Park

So we have to be some kind of aquatic lion with either gills or some air sacs or something. Like a Lion crossed with a hippopotamus or a crocodile. We need a graphic artist to mock this up.

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I really hope Alim brings it again. If he disrupts like he did last week I think we have a real shot.


8 mile middle finger GIF
“Yall steady tryin to drown a shark …■■■■ with me now let me see you freestyle…Motherf- talk is cheap if your really feeling froggy leap.”

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