The defender ya'all are forgetting about


Full pads come on, Rodrigo appears. Yes, it’s a INT and not a tackle, but he’s a football player, not the biggest guy, but he’s got instincts, we saw that as a rookie.


Talent in that room has definintely gotten better, reading how Barnes has improved and then Campbell and Rodrigo on board as well. Well, does AA remain in Detroit after this season?

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Before you pit him in the Hall Of Fame its first day in pads an the INT was made against the back up QB.

The depth at LB is a lot better an yes he is part of the depth an has a place on team.

It sounds like your not a AA fan i can tell by that type of question.
IMO Rodrigo or even Barnes will be gone before AA net season even if AA doesn’t make Hall Of Fame like you want to put Rodrigo Take a look at how Lions management think of AA in his contract , now maybe in 2025 they could release him but he is here for two seasons for sure. Now Rodrigo is a easy cut if they deside to cut him which I doubt an hope they don’t . I like are main 4 an #5 is solid ST player.
You might want to watch Trevor Nowaske he is UDFA so will play a lot in preseason an if he does well he will make it hard for them to gamble on cutting him. Big Long an fast LB who would really help the ST with his size an speed. Height: 6’2" Weight: 237 9.98 RAS 4.65-second 40-yard


The guy is just a play maker and will see significant time on the field
I believe him and Jack C are the core LBs of the future


It was nothing more than a comment and potential look to the future. If the talent has improved then AA, after this season, and possible, you know, continued improvement from the youngsters, could be the one on the outside.

I’m aware of what they think of AA. Yet, they drafted these three guys as well so they saw potential, starting potential for them. It’s another possible good issue.


AA’s contract reads like a 2 year contract, so guessing another season for him no matter how deep the room is.


Yeah, we’ve needed help at LB for years now.
So, we’re going to go with 2 quality LB’s and dump the rest.


I’m ‘meh’ on Rodrigo as a 3 down player but I sometimes I feel like I am watching a different AA than his fans. I get MCDC wanting him from a leadership and mentoring perspective but as a pure ball player he seems like the weakest of the starters. I spent most of last year hyper focused on LB play because I felt it was our weakest group and he wasn’t good. He always seems to zig when the play zags and seems to always be out of position, then fly’s across the field to make the assist…in his own zone…giving up 5 more yards then should have. PFF (which admittedly we know we have to take with a grain of salt) have AA ranked significantly lower then either Barnes or Rodrigo so we know its not just film but stats too. What am I not seeing?


It will not be this season or next . Its good idea to look at contracts before you wish to get rid of a solid player. By way did you even look at contracts that top LBs got this free agent period?
I know some fans dislike players an no matter how good they are or even bad they either want them gone of want them to stay.

By way I wanted Jeff to stay this year i admit it at CB but Lions were as of now right to let him walk if we trust media? He is getting torched in Atlanta’s camp. Back to LB AA will be Lion barring health issues or injury at least till after 2024 season .

This years cap hit $2,500,000 2024 $7,300,000 most Guaranteed in 2025 $7,300,000 an just 2.4 million Guaranteed Take a look at the Bears LB the signed during free agent period. Now AA
is not as good as one they signed but he is not that far away an look at the contract.

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Who rodrigo? He is a backup/special teamer. It’s AA and Campbell. They love AA. If it has finally clicked for barnes like they are suggesting, then that is your core of the future. Rodrigo got exposed the last 6-8 games when coaches figured out his weaknesses. It’s why they took a LB so high this year. Love his tenacity and love his work ethic……but if he is your starting LB of the future, you LB’s are in trouble and Shepard even said that last year.


yeah Dollar Store Thor will be here a minute.


With the Million Dollar Hair!

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First off, welcome aboard!

This ties in, so stay with me on this. Barry said one of the things that really cashed it in for him was when the Lions decided to let Kevin Glover walk. Now Glover was on the downside of his career and it was a smart business move…but it ripped part of the soul out of the team.

Regardless of the way fans view AA, he’s got the green dot for a reason. This whole team would have been easy to cash in the chips at 1-6 last year and a LOT of previous Lions teams would have, the ghost hamstring injury, etc.

On both sides of the ball, this team came very close to performing a miracle. I know AA was hand selected by DC & AG to come from New Orleans and be their field general, to be their force of will on the field, to contribute to the culture of this team.

This ship seems to be pointing in the right direction, and AA still has the green dot.

Sometimes, there’s a lot more to a team than a stat sheet shows, and the Lions have built a culture of rewarding the hard work. I don’t know what AA means to the staff, the locker room, etc, but I suspect that his value in these areas is far in excess of the contract, just my hunch.

It’s a business, yes, but even a business has loyalty rewards :wink:


Not to mention he has had the two best years of his career here……


I agree but we have fans here that still want only players they like . They are use to they way past management did things an hate to see changes an doubt how good this team can be . They have been disappointed so many times they can’t handle change.

Same fans want Harris the CB shipped out even if staff like his play . Yes he sucked at safety but his play at CB has been ok.

Watch them complain when Lions trade or release Julian O They will rush to keep him even if he is weakest edge or off line LB.
The same fans were upset when Holmes clean out the negative players to the tune of 60 mil dead cap his first year .
Same fans once they decide who to dislike or who they like management is wrong.


Plus his draft position contract doesn’t pay as much as they pay the parking attendant. He will be traded for a 6th rounder.

It reads like Rodrigo is 4th on the depth chart.


Not wishing to get rid on anyone yote. A weird hill to battle on but carry on.


And for the record, I like Rodrigo and what he brings but I’m a strong believer in let the best man play and if he’s not that guy then we still landed a solid backup for a 6th round pick. The LB room is still much better with Rodrigo in it than before last year.

If the coaches think that AA is our best LB and should be on the field, I fully support it.
Let’s put the best looking team on the field.
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