The Den Code of Conduct


Mission Statement (it’s not a memo): The Den is the longest-standing online Detroit Lions fan forum, rich with tradition, unique voices and brimming with dialogue. We expect all members of this community to remember that we are a community, and as such, when you post, to treat each other with respect and decency.

If you are not providing value, or are detracting from the experience of others, you will lose what we believe to be a privilege.

By posting in the forums (along with your previous agreement to the terms of service and privacy policy), you agree to the following:

  • We encourage ALL new posters to browse the forum prior to posting. You will get an idea of what is acceptable and what isn’t
  • Browse the first 2 pages for discussions already in progress!
  • If you duplicate a topic, your post will likely be deleted or locked NO public airing of complaints against our (volunteer!) Forum moderators.
  • Please voice concerns to the board administrator (Nate) via private message
  • NO nudity, vulgarity, swearing (phonetic swearing is still swearing!) or other obscene material.
    Generally speaking, if it’s allowed on regular TV or billboards, it’s probably OK (but don’t push the limits)
  • NO posting of advertisements or links for products, services, and no using soliciting. Ever. Off-topic posts (i.e. “My favorite beer is PBR but let me tell you why”) belong in the “Off-Topic” forum where conversation is prevalent.
  • NO mindless flaming or flame-baiting. While dissenting opinions are certainly welcome and add to the character of the forums, posts whose purpose is solely to get a rise out of the forum participants are not permitted.
  • Disagreements are inevitable on any discussion forum, but keep it civil. Rousting is expected, but pissing matches are subject to deletion. Mindless insults and other personal attacks (i.e.”You Suck”) are will be deleted.
  • SMACK: A great element of this forum is fans from opposing teams can enter into discussion about each other’s team and/or next week’s game. While Smack and jabs are tolerated, personal attacks/mindless posts ARE NOT (i.e. “LIONS SUCK!” or “YOU SUCK!”)
  • KEEP SUBJECTS SHORT! If what you have to say takes more than a couple of words, put it in the MESSAGE box.
  • Starting rumors in our forums is strictly prohibited.
  • Spreading rumors in our forums (within tasteful boundaries) is heartily encouraged.
  • We expect posters to behave on this site in a manner consistent to the way they behave on other sites. Bashing this site or its users elsewhere on the Internet while sucking up to those people while here is two-faced and weak.
  • DO NOT POST IN ALL CAPS! Violation of any of these rules will result in posts being deleted.
  • No politics. Ever. It never goes well. This also applies to COVID-19. NO VACCINE DISCUSSIONS.

Repeated violations will result in revocation of posting privileges