”The Den” could fix this mess before 2023 season- can Holmbell?

This thing really could be fixed by 2023…. But will the “same guys who broke it,” be the “ones to fix it?”

As we sit at 1-4 and face a tall talk in Dallas… our Kool Aid Keg is running a bit low…. We have started questioning ownership, Spielman, Holmes, DC, AG, and even Goff again over the last 2 weeks, AND RIGHTFULLY SO!!!

As many have stated the GRIT mantra is comically inaccurate. We have 4 guys a week getting hurt just walking to practice……

  • This entire regime is already on thin ice, and the only way to keep my buy in, is to accept failures, adjust accordingly, and accurately asses where we are going into 2023….

  • I am not exactly sure what happened with Dorsey, or how involved he might be, it the fact that he seemed checked out around drsft time was alarming…. Losing Dom Capers clearly had an impact- and look at Denver’s D since he arrived. They are playing incredibly with modest talent.

  1. Tyrell Williams, B Perriman, ASB, J Reynolds, Jamo, Chark, K Raymond, Hodge, T Benson…. I know we love what we have in Saint, and we have hope for Jamo…. But a lot of resources have gone into a unit that hasn’t exactly been amazing.
  • UFA- 10M, 5M, 4M, 3M, 2M, 1M, 1M APYs
    Draft - 1st, 4th, 5th

  • when you figure we’ve only had ONE game with 3 NFL caliber WRs in our lineup in 22 games (week 1 - Chark, Saint, Reynolds) that’s a whole lot of bullets that missed so far….

Edge- the money and resources thrown at Romeo,
C Harris, Hutch, Flowers, Cominsky, and Paschal has yet to result in a 10 sack season or consistent pressure. Of course injuries have once again played a huge role, but many of these guys were injury prone and or relatively unproven when we committed to them.

DT- we traded a pick AND threw 10M plus a year at Brockers, spent 2nd and 3rd rounders in Levi O and McNeill, we’ve paid N Williams, Buggs, Benito

  • you’d think with 3 draft picks and a 10M apy guy in addition, that we have at least one really good and one decent starting DT, and a nice depth guy- Instead we have no depth on one “decent” starter. Ughh!!!

LB- not sure how anyone got behind a defensive scheme that puts a ton of pressure on the DTs and LBs given they are our two weakest position groups. Asking Anzalone and Rodrigo to stack and shed free blockers in the OL, and the chase and tackle half the field each? Let’s not discuss reading for interior run, and having to turn and run into the flats at full speed to get to a RB screen or TE drag…. When you simply watch us lineup- it’s obvious where the offense can go effectively. Against NE and Seattle- they ran play-action to hold the LBs inside for just a second, and then rolled out the QBs and dumped to wide open TEs who chipped our DEs and quickly released.

  • when we lineup on defense it almost looks like we are playing with 10 guys on many plays…. The fact that we’ve had plays where Rodriguez was running out to the wide side to cover a WR 1-1 is insane. So we either have the dumbest defensive players in the entire league… or the concepts of this defense are simply CRAP! My vote is CRAP since AG has never schemed a D, and now we look far worse with better players than last year… so I’m putting it in scheme and play calling.

—— STOP DRAFTING AND SIGNING PLAYERS WHO HAVE BEEN INJURED!!! I used to play just about every sport, and I lived in the gym…. At 42 I can’t really run on a surgically repaired right leg (Aco, mcl, LLC, tib/fib spiral fracture) anymore, and both shoulders are toast from benching heavy for years. I can get back in for 2-3 months and feel like “I’m back,” but suddenly one rep will hurt and I’m toast for 3-4 more months…. BOTTOM LINE- when our bodies start to fail, they will likely fail more consistently as we age and get pushed to the limit. Football is the limit.

Are we really surprised about Chark or Ty Williams given how much time they missed prior to coming here? Same with Big V… now Levi, Jamo, and Paschal?

I think maybe this year we take anyone who has missed more than 2 games over that last 2 years off our draft board? I’m sure we can make the counter argument, see upside or value, but I’ve seen enough of a pattern of hurt guys getting hurt again to simply avoid it.

    • We have to structure some contracts to free up some space…. Choose wisely
    • We have to pay up for healthy, solid to really good veteran contributors… Choose wisely

3.- we need to find our Demorrio Davis, KVB, Bradberry, Suh with the Bucs type player who we get cheaper due to 29 plus years old, but something left……. Choose wisely

4.- plan the draft out before UFA- and sign players with the draft strategy in mind….

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I would offer E Brown, Elliott, AO, Nelson, J Williams, Cominsky all modest extensions right now…. Our instinct is going to be to debate the proposed figures, but we were pretty close collectively last year…

JC Jackson, Marcus Williams, D Campbell, Allen Robinson, Mathieu, all got with 1M apy of what we guessed…. A few like Oluokun and Kirk were sticker shockers, but overall pretty close……

Cominsky- 3 years 7.5M
Elliott- 2 years 5M
AO- 2 years 4M
E Brown- 3 years 7.5M
Nelson- 1 year 1M
J Williams- 2 years 6.5M
Board- 2 years 4.5M
A Bryant - 1 year 2.0M
Fox- 1 year 1M
W Harris- 1 yr 2M
Scott Daly- 1 year 1M

That would be 16M in 2023 hits if they all agreed, and while some won’t, I’d bet many will…

After cutting Brockers, Cabinda, Big V, Romeo, Bell we create 50M total…. And we’d have 30 guys….

If our above free agents and rfas above sign, then we’d have 41 under contract…

Swift/J Will/Jefferson

  • 18 on Offense…

Hutch/C Harris/Bryant/Paschal/JO
Levi/McNeill/Cominsky/D Taylor

  • 21 on D…

Fox and Daly-

  • 2 Specislists.

Again I know it’s unlikely all those guys sign, and some may get more $$$ than that, but some will and that’s what I’d offer…. Last year JRM got too much and we got Board at a value - I would take same approach.

First and foremost I would try and get a few more picks in this class…. I want a top tier kicker, I want a solid RB, and a want a developmental QB….

A lot can change between now and draft…. But I think we will be picking top 8, and I think Rams will be around 20-22…. I would already be willing to drop from #20ish to #31 while adding a late 2nd… here is my latest mock draft with that trade being offered up by Bills…

  1. M Murphy- big edge
  2. Trade- Joey Porter Jr- CB
  3. B Robinson- big play RB
  4. Trade acquired- D Sanders- SOLB
  5. Jack Campbell- MLB
  6. Z Zinter- RG
  7. Jayden Reed- gadget player/WR
  8. M Cunningham- developmental QB, wildcat
  9. Reichart- stud kicker

9 more players under contract. This draft brings in a WR who can pass on reverses, return kicks, has plenty of sweep rush attempts… also brings us a gadget QB with a solid arm as a guy we could have some goal line packages with, but could be a Tyler Huntley type backup- KICKER WAS OBVIOUS. A PICK WELL SPENT VS AN RB4 who will get cut or put on PS…

So now we have 50 guys under contract- and none of these draft picks are unrealistic in range of our picks aside from maybe Robinson, but I want a stud RB under contract for 4 years, but with Swift and J Will he won’t have to carry a big load as a rookie… so if Swift is healthy- great, but when he’s not we won’t see a decline. I was all in on Breece Hall and to a lesser extent K9 last year… I’d sure like to have one of them.

Swift/B Robinson/J Will/Jefferson
Jamo/ASB/Reynolds/Raymond/Cephus/Jayden Reed

  • 23 Offense-

M Murphy/Paschal

D Sanders/Barnes
J Campbell

Porter Jr/AO/W Harris
T Walker/K Joseph

  • 24- on Defense

Specialist- Fox, Daly, Weichert

  • 3 specialists.

That’s 50!

I would expect D Taylor and Jefferson to be on PS which leaves 5 spots for UFA…

  • as you can see we are light at TE and we could use 3 “quality starters” at DT, S, and CB

Daron Payne- 5 yrs 82M
Marcus Peters- 1 year 11M (dead money in 24’)
V Bell- 3 years 27M

M Murphy

D Sanders
J Campbell

K Joseph
V Bell

Having Paschal, Cominsky, C Harris, Board, AO, Ellliott and Walker for depth (recovery for Walker) is an insane upgrade.

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I mean, Cominsky has only played in two games?
As for the people in the Den being able to fix it?
Half would cut Goff in favor of a rookie, as yet to be decided upon.
A good many were ready to take Willis in the first round, and cut Goff.
Everyone knows I’m a dick, so, I’ll be straight.
No confidence.

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GM in the NFL is a super easy job…anyone could do it right! haha


I blame the draft analysts more than anything.

Drew Sanders is still ranked as a 5th rounder on many sites. He’s been a wrecking ball as a junior on pace for 15 TFL and 12 or so sacks….

And Jalen Carter is still be tabbed a top 3-5 picks overall as an explosive penetrating DT but has 3 career sacks and 11 TFL….

So yes, the Den pretended they wanted Malik Willis, but I don’t think anyone was betting the house he’d be an All Pro- Goff had a slow start, and a pedestrian year (with zero talent around him)…. The Den will continue to want Bryce Young until somebody “validates he’s 5’10” and 180 pounds- and we realize he’s DOUG FLUTIE SIZE, not Kyler or Brees….

He will get dinged up again this year. Stroud will be torn apart in the pre- draft for not making progressions. He’s robotic and not emotional- he’s either going to kill it in the pre-draft and go #1 overall, or he’s gonna fall. Like Haskins and like Fields…

  • I was all in Breece Hall last year, and we could sure use him. A few guys said they liked Bijan better, and I’ve liked what I see there too…. I was all in on Travis Jones, and this year I really like Mazi Smith…

Watch Mazi Smith, Zach Zinter, Drew Sanders, Jack Campbell, Mike Morris, Myles Murphy, Siaki Ika, Joey Porter Jr, Clark Phillips, Jared Verse, Tyler Davis start climbing boards-

Step 1:
Resign a guy we never use to a multi year deal.


Do we have money to sign 3 decent free agents?
I love bell hes my number one target.

Im not resigning AO,Board,Bryant, and Harris.

I’ve been a Cepheus fan, but I just don’t know how you can p,an on him when he can only play one game before getting hurt… again. At some point you just have to go with Kennedy… probably will last longer than Cepheus.


Kennedy’s don’t usually last long either!

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Ashton Kutcher Burn GIF

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Fix it right release at least a top 10 OG likely top 5 an fill with a guy who has not shown much since his draft year or maybe that what 6 rd rookie you picked out of a hat.

Thats why you an me post here we can’t fix it sometimes we have a good idea .
The GMs know a hell of a lot more than anyone on here regarding FA an draft picks.

I enjoy all the work some put in an not all ideas are bad.

But fix it in your dreams

see what you did there --nice * @ Stephenboyd57.

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Why would these players sign with the Lions at market value?

Good players will only choose to sign with Lions if they are the highest bidder.

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Then why we so bad , some GMs that get paid are worse at evaluating players then some fans. I see lots of people over the years that say sign this guy or that guy in FA, then we sign some bargin guy that ends up sucking and the guy that every here knows we need and wanted goes to a team and plays great. Some of the GMs we have had have a hard time even realizing what are real needs are.


Every GM we’ve ever had has been the greatest GM we’ve ever had for their first 2 seasons.


Some of us know talent , and some gms dont know shit. Matt millen was a great a example of being idk shit. But coyote has been wrong more then he has been right.

Well, next year, we could have a punter like our kicker and defense.
That would be so much smarter.:person_facepalming:

That might be the Lions curse right there. WCF bought the team on the same day JFK was killed.