The Detroit Lions are a disaster. And it's Bob Quinn's fault

Can’t say I disagree …


Will read the article in a minute, but the headline says it all IMO.

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Quinn’s entire team building philosophy has been a complete failure and we’re now seeing the results.

This article is being way too nice on Quinn while Stafford continues to take all the fire.

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Hopefully, Marv’s knee injury isn’t serious. This offense will have gone from receiver stacked, to Kenny, in 2 weeks.
Quinn spending 2 seasons building up a 4-3, that he gutted in his 3rd season to start building a 3-4.
TJ Lang is done. We replaced Larry Warford because he was oft injured, with…
We replaced Reiff because his contract was going to be too high with Wagner who is older, and more expensive.
Yeah, it’s on Quinn.

Define serious.

If he’s out for the rest of the year, but can return next year? That’s perfect.

This season is over though, and the higher the draft pick, the better. It’s time to stop hoping for wins.

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Yep been saying this for several weeks. His player evaluation is OK but his strategic decision making is really bad.