The Dolphins just

…converted another 3rd down, and the game’s been over for 2 hours…


Was it a 3rd and 14, or a 3rd and 17?

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3rd and 99

…had a rookie HC out coach our DC

well… they did have some help….

3rd and 13 is much easier when the OT can mug your best pass rusher….


I saw of those on replays

Ok, then let’s here Dan and Hutch come out and complain about it publicly…but they never do, why is that?


Fines lmao

no team ever complains, because of the Ref union, and they will get pissed at you, and you will get no calls

Look at what happend to the Saints after the no call pi game

they are one of the most penalized teams in the NFL, and if i remember from what i read, need to look into it, one Ref crew they are winless with completely

Refs have too much power essentially

If ppl hate and blame the refs so much, then why even watch?

Because we are addicted to it pretty much lmao

This can only be influenced at the ownership/upper management level.
Coaches and players, in general, can’t do much about it.

I recall Mike Ilitch (Red Wings) when he took over the team would apparently go after the refs at the end of games and it had to make a difference in the long run. If the upper brass doesn’t show they care, then the league and the refs don’t either.

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