The Empire, er I'm mean, Defense Strikes Back, delivers huge plays in Lions’ stunning comeback win

Cole Kmet is a pretty good TE. They could have run a relatively safe route with some mis-direction like the Lions do with Wright and LaPorta.

How many points did Chicago score off turnovers?

10 points–defense did it’s job

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Without the turnovers we win 31-16.
or more.

I know that’s not exactly how it works. :wink:

My main issue is that the defense is regressing as the season goes along.

DL seems to now be only getting pressure from Hutch and sometimes Alim.

Teams are rushing well, which wasn’t happening earlier in the year.

Jack Campbell is getting worse as the year goes on.

Lots of warning signs are there.

With a defense that was on the field for 40+ minutes, we could see more of the same on Thursday.

I will be interested to see the snap counts. Guys who played a lot on Sunday May need others to step up and provide some relief, particularly in the second half.

Campbell def had his worst game of the year so far, shows he needs to clean alot of things up still

Again, considering everythint hat happend yesterday, hard to say the defense didnt play terribly, any defense would be gassed and getting burned if put in a similar spot like ours was yesterday

Branch and Anzalone were excellent yesterday, legit Anzalone can be argued as a 2nd team all pro LB, hes playing that good this year

Looks like the DL snaps were spread out.

The Lions would benefit from Campbell playing less and maybe Rodrigo playing more this game (or J Okwara picking up some of those OLB snaps).