The end of the Spartans game

Very lionesque way to not win. First you let their scrambling QB kill you in prevent defense to let them take the late lead. Then too many men on the field wipe out your game tying FG

They should try and work some Honolulu blue into that green and white


Unbelievable! You just knew they were going to shoot themselves in the foot.

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That was quite an officiating shit fest at the end. They flagged State for 12 on the field during the 1st kick, incorrectly picked up the flag, then the replay booth had to get involved because there really were 12 on the field, and though the 2nd kick never had a shot there should have been a 15 yard penalty against Arizona State because one of their defenders jumped over the line with a running start before the snap.

It might be time for those zebras to go to the glue factory.


Not sayin’ a word here Wes…

Did it surprise anyone?
One of the worst offenses in the Big Ten. Sure, they look good against MAC teams, but when they step up and play power 5 conference teams, you get 7 points a game type offense.

I thought it too. A very state of Michigan football game.

How is the MSU basketball team shaping up?

The team to beat in the Big10.

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At least they got THAT going for them

MSU has had the advantage for years by having good QB’s. Now MSU fans know what UM fans have been feeling the last dozen years or so. I’m not saying this game was lost because of the QB but the offense has stunk the last 2 years with Lewerke.

It was the refs, I’m telling you. Sparty was robbed, somebody call 9-1-2.

You’re right!

That just makes their loss all the more Lionsy