The Future of College Football

Im not saying that those schools left out dont have powerfull backers or a lot of money. But they have WAY less donors and money than those that are going to be IN.

It very well could be expanded out further to the proposed “80” teams that the super group wants just to prevent that. (8 divisions of 10)

And that may be the solution. However the HUGE schools (oregon, ohio state, texas bama, georgia, ND) dont want to have to share their massive revenue (nearly $200m) with the smaller schools.

Hence the 48 cut off. After that it starts dropping quickly.

But their solution to that is the larger schools get a higher percentage of the total revenue. So that may be the middle ground. Let me make that real quick.

That’s literally what you said. You said their money comes from the conference handing them funds because they don’t have their own money.

I thought you had a very strong list of schools. It was when you started getting into details about why certain schools were in or out that it went a bit sideways. And it was because you were throwing out things off of the top of your brain without doing the research or knowing all of the information for each school. AND…noone would expect you to. Its ridiculous to think that you would have all of that detail. But you were throwing it out there like you did, so I felt the need to jump in.

One thing to think about is that if what you propose actually happens, not every school will view it the same way. Maryland could be one of those schools. Their financial backing could lead them down a path where they feel there is more value in staying in the “college” football system where they are suddenly near the top rather than go to the “pro” league where they are in an arms race against Titans that are now unshackled.

Given the history of the school and how they have handled their business, I could see Notre Dame electing to stay in the “college” football system.

Working on the map for the top 80.

But the reason why the “College Super League”
Chose 80 is pretty simple.

There are 70power5 schools.
They just rounded up to 80 for an easy number.
8 divisions with 10 schools each.

So who would be those 10 schools be?

Looking at the stats.
The military academies always have a big draw,
Army, navy, Airforce.
Then i picked the top school from each GO5.
MWC - Boise St,
SBC - Louisiana
CUSA - W. Kentucky
MAC - Toledo
That left 2 spots.

And the top 2 are from the same conference and they have a lot more funding, and views than anyone else left.
Colorado St and UNLV.

Those last 2 get the nod mostly because there isnt a lot of competition around them for views and revenue.

Other schools like Arkansas St or USF or Memphis or SJST are fighting with the TOP programs for sponsors and views and players.

The rest of the GO5 will be relegated to the FCS. Or they may bring up a handful of teams from the FCS to the group of 5 to make their own 80 team group. And leave the remaining FCS teams to division 2

What ever it takes. Nothing new tho.
Thats been going on since NIL was allowed

Jalen Carter checking to see if he enroll at Texas for a year…

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