The Goff hate is becoming a freaking JOKE! I will be waiting with a bowl of crow for any takers


This is truly not meant to be another Stafford/Goff debate thread, as at this point I think we can all agree that Matt Stafford is definitely better than Goff, and possibly 2 first rounds, 1 third rounder and a contract extension better… That said- the National Media isn’t comparing Goff to Stafford, he’s getting ranked below guys like J Winston, Tannehill, Tua, Baker, and others?


  1. J Goff and the Rams went 13-3 scored 527 points while winning 13 games with the #20 ranked defense (in 16 games)… The Rams had a 163 point scoring disparity in 2018… They scored 527 and allowed 384 points against…

  2. Matt Stafford and the Rams went 12-5 while scoring 460 points and allowing just 372 points in “17 games”…

IE- the Rams had more wins and scored “67” more points with Goff at QB in 16 games?
IE- the Rams has less wins and not only scored less point (by a lot) in MORE GAMES, but the 2021 Rams also allowed just 372 points in 17 games where the 18’ Rams allowed 384 points in 16 games…

18’ Rams average score was 32.94- Rams to 24 points opponent
21’ Rams average score was 27.06- Rams to 21.88 points opponent

Goffs Rams scored nearly 6 points more per game, and Stafford’s Rams allowed 2 points less…

For what it’s worth the 2018 Rams played the “6th hardest” schedule and the 2021 Rams played the 13th hardest schedule…

The 2018 Rams lost by 10 to Tom Brady and an 11-5 Pats team with a 111 point positive point differential…

The 2018 Rams beat a Bengals team by 3 that went 10-7 with an 84 point differential while playing an extra game…


Again- this isn’t a Goff vs Stafford, but using a baseline of a guy who ALMOST won a SB with the Rams, and now calling him a bottom 5 QB is a joke…

Now Baker who nobody wants, Tua who hasn’t done squat, Winston, Hurts etc are ranked over him? Howa about Tannehill who is like 6 years older, has won less, and…?

Where is gods name are these "QBs who a team can with “with” versus “because of,” lists coming from?

Did the Eagles with “WITH” Hurts? Did they win as much as the Rams did with Goff?

To have him ranked so low with 3 playoff wins, a SB appearance, a few pro bowls etc is literally insane!


It’s not insane if you’ve watched the guy play.

He isn’t that good


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Fact- he was good enough to go 13-3 and lead a team to a SB with the 6th toughest schedule and a shoddy defense…

Fact- he was the QB on the 13th highest scoring offense in NFL history!

Fact- he made a Pro Bowl and finished #3 in the MVP Race that year!

Look at the dumpster fire roster Goff was drafted onto, and with a lameduck coach as a rookie… The same brilliant coach who had a team in the SB in year 2 of his tenure, also signed offer on giving Goff an MONSTER extension years before it was needed…

The guys is freaking 27! Being compared to J Winston who has a career record of 33-44 and a rating in the 80s? Negatively compared to Tannehill, Tua, Baker, and some of the recent rookies is a joke…

He finished the year 3-1 with our shit roster, new coaches had 11 TDs vs 2 ints down the stretch…


Apparently you haven’t watched him play.


That was Goff’s best year versus Stafford’s only year. Not quite apples to apples.

I’d rather have Goff fly under he radar and do real well. Surprise some people. Not all bad that he’s getting ranked low.

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It is insane if you’ve watched most of Tannehills career… or Jimmy Gs… Some idiot had Carr, Cousins, and Fitz as guys “you could win with over Goff?” Yet Goff has won, and none of them have???


I truly wasn’t cherry picking… The article was about QBs you could “win because of,” and QBs you could “win with…”

He was listed as camp fodder below either list… The funny part way HOW MANY QBS OLDER THAN GOFF WERE LISTED IN THE “WIN WITH” BRACKET THAT HAD YET TO WIN?

The fact that the Rams almost won it all “WITH GOFF” is proof teams can with with him isn’t it?

Who are you arguing with?


Give it time…


This Horse:

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Sounds like someone wrote an article and he doesn’t have access to them to give them a piece of his mind so he’s venting here. I could be wrong but that’s my read on it


That’s a good thing, because Mathew Stafford would eat that guy’s lunch! It would be like Sewell Blocking Bryant in practice.

I view stats as the same thing as trying to determine someone’s calorie consumption based on the nutrition labels of the food in there garbage, without knowing how often they have company over for dinner.


You won’t get through to anyone here. It’s not even worth the energy to try.


I do think there is a bit of a strawman argument going on here.

To be fair, there are people who, while giving lip service to “giving Goff a chance”, are so negative that it’s pretty obvious that they’ll latch onto anything short of a Super Bowl victory as a negative that justifies jettisoning Goff. It’s the “I’d rather be right than have the team do well” crowd.

Obviously, almost everyone other than that is hoping for Goff to succeed. Some are optimistic, some are pessimistic. While I’m part of the former crowd, it doesn’t seem like it’s worth rehashing a zillion times without actual results.


Goff couldn’t ask for more really. We got him weapons and speed at WR, a solid TE, a top 5-10 O-line and a good stable of running backs. He should have a decent year, at least on paper it looks much improved. But, it’s a prove it league.


Yeah, there’s not much point in arguing about the general opinion on Goff
Bottom line, he needs to prove himself this year to change the consensus view

He’s got a great opportunity to do just that
Ultimately, it’s completely up to him

I wish him well and think he can prove a lot of people wrong
We will know soon enough


Goff last year was….

Games 1-3 above 68% completion rate and more TDs than Ints

Last six or seven games too 3 QB in the leuge with 70% completion rate and what? 9-2 TD to ints?

As a stat performance individual thing, he actually rocked more than not…

I am not one to pray about football but man, I hope to God Goff crushes it all year and to the SB where he wins it…


has to be media takes, not many posters here bashing Goff on a regular.