The good and the bad

Well, through one quarter of the season, the Lions have played VERY WELL!!
However, they only have two wins to show for it! :grimacing:

I have to disagree. I thought we played well for quarters 2 and 3 against AZ and horribly for the rest of the game.

I thought we played pretty sloppy against SD and Philly, but escaped both games with some fortunate mishaps/blunders by the opposing teams.

I thought yesterday was the best all around game we played for 60 minutes, but you can’t cough the ball up twice in the red zone (one at the 1 foot line) and expect to beat good teams. I also thought our coach did a disservice with his replay usage.

Overall, you could make an argument we could be 0-4. You could also argue we could be 4-0. As they say, you are what your record is. I think that applies here. To me, it feels like we are a 2-1-1 team right now.


A lot of people thought they wouldn’t have ANY wins, so 2-1-1 ain’t half bad considering who they played. To me, the division games will tell us the story of this team and just how good they are.

There’s lotsa good stuff to like, and lotsa bad stuff to be concerned about. They’re playing a lot better now than they did when the season started. Some guys have stepped up and played better than expected, and I do think the execution is getting better. Plenty of things to get better at though, IMHO they ain’t playing as smart as they could be. That DL isn’t playing up to expectations in my view, the run defense needs to get better, as does the run offense.

You pretty much summed it up, wise.

Going into the season, I thought we should beat AZ, lose to KC and was hoping for a split with Philly and SD. While I wasn’t far off, it didn’t go nearly as how I thought it would. I mean, if we would have lost to AZ and tied KC, people would probably feel a lot better day, even though the record would be the same. The NFL is weird like that.

I totally agree with you on the running game. Let’s not get too excited about KJ and his stats yesterday. I want to see us be able to run decently against teams that aren’t terrible against the run. And I’m also less than thrilled with our D-Line. They just don’t bring it consistently.

They are historically terrible against the run.

The Chiefs have no shot at winning a title if they don’t get that fixed. Giving up 6 YPC isn’t going to work no matter who your QB is.

Absolutely - not good with the one he chose to review, and equally bad with the ones he chose not to.

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