The good vibe thread


A lot of understandable negativity. Let’s try to make this the good vibe thread.

Without making a list, I’m hopeful because most of what we have left is indoors against beatable competition (other than Dallas).

We’ve also been on the road the last two weeks. That’s significant travel when you consider bouncing between Detroit, New Orleans, Detroit and Chicago.

Denver could be a major rebound game.


We can beat Dallas but if and only if we get out fast.


#1-we still control our own destiny and the schedule is by no means a gauntlet

#2- all remaining games are indoors

#3- we should be getting help on D soon

#4- do you trust the young packers to win out? I don’t.

Edited to add
#5- haven’t lost two in a row this year and look motivated after each loss

Did my best!


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This kinda bothers me in a way. Not trying to be negative but a team from Michigan with a very good running game which we have should excel in bad conditions.



If not for Gibbs’ drop, Hutch’s penalty, may have been a different game.

Two plays could have separated us from an entirely different outcome.

(I’m not sure I believe that because the Bears absolutely outplayed us, but those two plays could’ve had a cascading effect).



Dallas had Philly, @Buffalo, @Miami then us

They are going through their own gauntlent right now.

Don’t underestimate goign from Freezing Buffalo to Warm Miami … with all the nightlife there.

And short week to get ready for us. Could be a hangover game!!

We play them on Sat night…we are undefeated in night games this year.


Living in the present only for me on this:

  • we are the division leader
  • we have a two game lead on vikes
  • we are the third seed in the playoffs
  • we currently stand at 98% to make the playoffs overall
  • we now have clinching possibilities
  • we currently stand at 68% to win the Division
  • we are the eighth most likely team to win the SB of 32
  • we have a 25% today to make it to the NFCC

We need to focus on beating the Broncos and nothing else


They finally worked DPJ into the mix and he had a big 3rd down catch. That could portend well down the road.


Agree 1000%

They were winning at halftime. :man_shrugging:


All I know is we can play better we have seen it.


And the ■■■■■■ up snap. Those 3 plays gifted the Bears the game essentially. All self inflicted.


The good vibe is that they’re 9-4 with all of their goals still within their control, which isn’t the case for most teams in this parity filled league.

I think the team and us need to just reset, put the last several weeks behind us and throw the Bears game in the trash completely , and just start with a fresh mindset with the Denver game being Game 1 of the playoff season.

I think it’s unhealthy to think any other way and I came to this realization after some post game rants. Still a good team, successful season so far when you look at the big picture so instead of having unrealistic expectations of what this team likely is not, let’s just accept the team for what it currently is and take it game by game. They were 1-6 a little over a year ago and are now playing meaningful December games as a 9-4 team even with the flaws, that’s some serious progress, no?
At least that’s how I’m looking at it or maybe I’m just drinking a big bottle of Copium haha

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We are undefeated in non-Sunday night games in the month of December this year.

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With the title of thread being about good vibes, I’ll stick with the best vibe I think we have going…

Thank goodness for the hay that we’ve already stacked in the barn!!!


Thing to mention considering all the regression

Dline has been better the past two weeks since the Green bay game

Blitz has helped a bit, but even sending four has been getting more pressure and has gotten home for sacks at times

its been encouraging actually


We did hit Fields a lot yesterday. Barnes lit him up like an XMAS tree once. That play was pretty sweet. Also Anzalone almost killed the RB on one play. Defense wasn’t great but I did see them playing hard.

Just not gonna win with all these turnovers


We’ve matched last season’s win total (which was considered a good season) with 5 weeks (now 4) to play?