The hidden value of DE Trey Flowers--a video analysis


I like it . Lets see some more

Really creative scheming from MP:

  1. Flood the field with a mix of DBs in man/zone
  2. Take away the quick developing routes (in this case with a bump from Flowers)
  3. D-line maintains gap integrity and pushes the pocket.

Result=coverage sacks :100:

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As long as he keeps getting better every week. I was quite worried about him after the start of the season.


Very interesting. Good job taking away the quick hitting route Flowers!!!

This type of scheming will be critical to our chances vs. KC. We’ve already faced a couple of these new age type offenses in ARI and PHI, so there’s a good chance I think we can disrupt what they do enough to stay in the game, at least.

This why you never hear me bitch about lack of impact plays as normally have an incorrect idea of just what an impact play is…

Flowers did his job period regardless of how boring it is…,


Wes will like this for sure.



I could care less whether or not Flowers has ANY sacks as long as we keep winning. He’s never had more than 7.5 sacks in a season. He was not intended to be a 15+ sack guy. He’s an overall really good football player. The more really good football players you have, the better your team, the better your chances of winning.

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I’ve never seen a cover 1 double robber look before like that. Usuay teams like to send the house in an empty set but we didn’t even send a rush from the right side. Basically flushed Wentz to his left where we had 6v4 coverage on half the field.

As a side note to this thread, I HATE empty sets. The only 2 times I can get on board with them is when you have a legit run threat at QB, or have a RB do a last second shift into it. I get what the OC is trying to do in theory, but when I watch the results on film it doesn’t justify the formation.


Were are the people that were complaining about Flowers from the Eagles game?

I agree. When you have Jarrad Davis, Kennard, Okwara, and Flowers playing d-line, you should be running the ball down our throats or at least buying Wentz more time with a RB in to block.

I’m very surprised the Eagles didn’t make a route adjustment on the right side. It was one on one with half of the field, that WR should have been checked-to and given a chance to make a play. If he can catch a quick slant and make the DB miss, it’s a big play for the Eagles.

Yeah so Andy Reid is watching this and what does he come up with?

Good to see you RW. I imagine CR is treating you well. My in laws went down there a few years back and just loved it.

When you are paying $56 million GUARANTEED, the value sure as hell better not be “hidden”. When you are paying that much, you better be getting premium pass rush production.

He is in terrible shape and is not a great athlete. No length. Will probably miss camp every year.

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There was commercial years ago about the chemical company BASF. Their slogan was "At BASF, we don’t make a lot of the products you buy, we make a lot of the products you buy, better.

It would seem Flowers is our BASF additive, with his inclusion improving the product as an an overall whole not just in on one very noticable area.

“Trey Flowers, he doesn’t make a lot of the plays, he makes a lot of the plays they do, better.”


I disagree to a point, great play is not always seen, so it can be hidden.

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Wentz looked to that side first. Diggs actually had the WR bracketed from the inside and the CB played with outside leverage and forced the WR into help. That WR wasn’t open.

The lack of any rushers on the right made Wentz feel the lack of pressure and he rolled to his left, where he is very comfortable. He played right into the teeth of the defense. It was a beautiful concept by the D.