The Hock Hurdle

Hope he’s alright.

This just wasn’t worth the risk IMO.

Exactly not a good risk reward play. Maybe on the goal line in certain situations

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Coaches need to put a stop to that like yesterday.

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Guessing TJ won’t need to be told “Don’t do that anymore”

I was just happy to see him go off the field not on a backboard


IDK, he might. I doubt he even remembers doing it LOL.

Pretty sure he was out cold for a bit there.

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I wouldn’t be surprised if Patricia doesn’t make a point of telling everybody to knock it off cuz we don’t need to lose you for an extra yard or 2.


Agreed. Besides, Hock could use holding onto those brain cells. I’m not sure he’s able to “cure” his inevitable CTE like Gronk can.

TJ might see it on tape soon

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That was a BAD concussion. I would expect him to miss multiple weeks. Maybe more. We don’t need him going the way of Jahvid Best. I suspect the Lions org will be EXTREMELY cautious with this one.


This needs to stop!

The juice was not worth the squeeze.

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I’m fine with hurdling but some guys try it too often.

He avoided IR. But the fact they were even considering it, probably means he’s likely out for a while.

Yeah, it’s one thing if it’s done spontaneously, or where you can see the defender lowering his shoulder. This one almost seemed like TJH had planned on hurdling before the ball was even snapped. He tried. It failed. He’s a rookie. He will learn.

I’m not fine with this at all because it’s blatantly obvious what CAN or COULD happen when you try it. TJ’s neck could have been broken ! It is fuc^ing STUPID when you could have taken the yards on the ground. I mean cripes TJ got NOTHING but injured by trying to leap over a defender.

NOW we could be without him for half the season , which isn’t “fine”. First Round Pick %$#@!^ GONE over stupid shit ! :rage:


:crazy_face: lol

Remember when Justin Morneau had a really bad concussion for the Twins? It pretty much ruined his career.
I hope it’s not the same in this situation.

As Patricia said post-game…it has become the In Vogue thing to do because it makes great highlight tape but he really does not want players to do it.

Personally I would rather see our big TEs turf a DB and run right through him even if he is brought down. The NEXT TIME the DB will dive for ankles like Louis Delmas

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Doe he actually have a concussion tho? Yes he was knocked out and went thru the protocal but is it a fact he has a concussion or we just assuming he does??? Plenty of people get knocked out and don’t get concussed…I’m just curious if anyone knows if he does or not?

Honestly I’m not sure you can get knocked out without it being a concussion

Knockouts in boxing or any other sport happen when the brain is jarred against the skull … which is basically the definition of a concussion

When I played in the late 70s and early 80s they basically just said “you got your bell rung” and waited till your eyeballs refocused and You could tell the team doctor how many fingers he was holding up… then sent you’ back in the game

But I’m no doctor so I could be wrong. I am going to ask my wife who is in the medical field

Now this post explains why I am still a Lions fan LOL