The Hockey Thread

So, this may very well end up being just Winni & I, but that’s fine.

The Facebook group knows I write and co-host a podcast for the Golden Knights, but I’ll probably have a monthly or bi-weekly show covering the rest of the league.

So far, I’ve got to say – what a weird start. Not just for Vegas, either. With the injuries and suspension we have, I knew it would be a rough start. The league in general is off to an odd one though. Not even Toronto could’ve expected this.

Patrick Laine looks like Finland ended up doing him some good, eh Winni? Scary stuff for my division, but I had them PEGGED as my favorites a while ago.

Thoughts on the beginning of the year, anyone?

Hellebuyck doesn’t look right yet and the Jets aren’t clicking on offense. We started worse last year but damn we aren’t playing to 100% of our potential. 75% at best.

Maurice better get this shit together soon.

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I took the kids to the Avs/Senators a couple Friday’s ago and was treated to quite the show by the MacKinnon, Landeskog, Rantanen line.

They’ve been a great line up to that point this season, but have fallen off since.

Avs need to figure out more consistent secondary scoring.

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The Avs remind me of Vancouver, in that they’re ahead of schedule as far as being potential power teams. It was all supposed to happen next year.

The Avs owning Ottawa’s first round pick absolutely kills me. They’re going to be setup for a long, long time.

Just saw that Ottawa players are apologizing for a camera recording in a Uber cab while they were in Phoenix.

They are currently 6th from the bottom. We’ll see if there is any fallout from this.

Personally…they shouldn’t feel that they have to make an apology. They’re talking among themselves…well except for the Uber driver that screwed them over. So yeah…watch what you say around those hosers.

Yeah, I don’t have a problem with it either. In fact, they were right with 99% of their assertions. Maybe Ottawa should look at the special teams and realize that.

Meanwhile, I doubt Duchesne will want to re-sign considering his comments.

He’s a great two way forward. Decent scoring touch, always thought he was a better creator than scorer with his speed.

Would look really good with a Winged Wheel on his sweater.

Damn, there’s no way Erik Haula’s knee isn’t torn to shreds.

Just when we got Pacioretty back, too …

That 2nd line is cursed.

So it’s safe to assume Laine is over his slump?

You go Patty, :clap::bomb::eggplant::breast_feeding:

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Yeah, it seems like our teams have ebb’d and flowed at the same times lately. It feels good to string together 3 W’s – all year it’s been one step forward and two steps back. Good thing we’re in the pathetic Pacific!

Laine … geez. Just ridiculous. I wish Vegas even had a prospect pegged to have that much potential. As it stands now, I just have to hope Cody Glass is the real deal at the World Junior Championships.