The importance of a DT

As far as DT’s go: I am a big supporter of drafting DT. Alim was a 3rd round pick. He is solid, but I think what he is now, is what he’ll always be. And for a 3rd round pick, that’s great.

Commish, and Buggs are very solid depth guys who help. But none are great. Paschel did a good job, and is versatile. But no one expects greatness, and he isn’t a full time DT. Too small.

So right now you have Alim, and Buggs. Neither are great, and will probably never be great. Then you have part timers like the guys I mentioned.

I cannot stress how important it is to get a DT. A good one. I believe in trenches. And I believe it starts inside. We all talk draft 24-7, and we all have opinions about who should be the pick, or who their fav pick would be, or who BH will pick. We’re all couch GM’s.

I think Tyree Wilson will be the pick 99% if Anderson isn’t there. I think they pass on Carter. Ownership has a no tolerance policy, and Carter looks like the opposite of who this regime values.

No one talks about Bresee. Who is projected to be a good player. The knocks is he has had some injuries, and didn’t look in great shape. However, he has a tragic story. I think with his story, and potential, that he is a perfect fit for this regime.

1st - Tyree Wilson (height, weight, length, can move inside).
1st - Brian Bresee (all around solid DT who is inspiring).
2nd - Adetomiwa Adebawore (Freak athlete who has frame to gain weight, and play inside, and edge).

THIS would push the defense to elite levels if all goes “normally”. It might take a trade up to get AA, but I’m all about it. This team’s DL would be built to the max.


| think almost everyone agrees. That’s why we have had 27 different Jalen Carter threads. Also the Lions were interested in Calais Campbell, so I think it’s pretty clear they are looking to upgrade at DT.

Brad Holmes also said last week he thought Buggs played far too many snaps last year. That was a telling statement IMO. And that he thought Buggs would be better and fresher with less reps.


The long-term outlook for all of those guys could be/will probably be 3T, so I think there’s a little too much overlap.

But if you give me a layout like Nolan Smith, Adebawore, and Keeanu Benton, I’d be all for it. I don’t think that’s what we’ll do, but I wouldn’t hate it.


as my boy @LionFrog pointed that topic got like 300 replies on just the possibility of signing a DT even though it was rumor then fake them real then not lol


There’s no doubt. DT is the biggest need. Only real need that I see.
Everything else is planning for the future.

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Is Tyree a DT? I thought he was a DE?

He’s one of those with inside-out versatility like Paschal and Cominsky, but I can see him filling out his skinny-ish frame and getting into the 290s, and if he does I think he’ll be a terror from the inside.


So what you are saying is GRIT is important but so is GIRTH! :wink:


Then real again. Dan talked about him for a couple minutes in an interview a couple days before he signed with Atlanta. He did say that we weren’t the only team interested in the big guy.

Jalen Carter
Bryan Bresee
Calijah Kancey
Tommy Adebawore
Keeanu Benton
Carl Brooks

One of these guys will be a Lion. Witch one I have no idea maybe even 2.

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I’m starting to think Richardson is a legit option at 6. I don’t think Carter is going to be on our draft board. I think the pick at 18 might be Kancey

I think he’s definitely a legit option. I don’t know that he’s our first option, but I absolutely think he’ll be one of the 4/5 guys we consider.

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Given all the holes they filled in FA. Yeah LB is arguably a weakness but they are not taking one at 6. Sure they can add to a strength and make it even better. Like edge rusher or O-line, but I’m sitting here like who we pick at 6 probably isn’t going to start or fill an immediate need. I’m sitting here now with the stance if Richardson is there he is a legit option.

he is very much not a DT at this point, though he can probably line up there on pass rushing downs. Guy is so long and lanky, needs to beef up a ton if a team wants him to be an every down DT.

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Yeah, what do you do with him until then?..drafting Tyree doesn’t make sense to me.

Edge. The opposite side of Hutchinson. Romeo, and Harris with be depth. Paschel will move around. Houston is an OLB. He cant put his hand in the dirt.

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How does drafting Tyree go along with your post about how important it was we got a good DT? I’m not following what you’re thinking I guess.

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I don’t think he is on there board I think the guy there looking at is Hooker. I just wonder were I suspect the 2nd Rd but I’m not sure about 18. But I don’t think Richardson is on there list at 6.

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I think they’re looking at Hooker later too. I’m one of Hooker’s biggest critics but everything I’ve heard is they really like him, so I wouldn’t be surprised at all if we drafted him at some point.

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