The Interception stat needs to be altered

You know I have said for years that the Interception and how it is a stat for QB’s only is just such a false stat.
With the abundance of people who tabulate stats it really needs to be added to receivers as well …Caused Int or C-Int .
Dak Prescott threw an interception, but Amari Cooper should have caught it easily, it was in his hands on a great pass and he bobbled it up in the air and it was intercepted.
Prescott gets the blame and Cooper nothing. I don’t even think he gets a dropped pass stat.
Giving Dak or any QB the Int on a pass that should have been caught and in a receivers hands makes no sense at all and a pointless stat for the QB that is only a negative .

I assume your proposal will also come with the revision to Dak’s stats when he throws a 5 yard pass and Amari Cooper takes it 60 yards to the house?

No not at all …the pass delivered , caught and ran with , it’s already tabulated into the air yards of the pass for the QB but the Int of a receivers hands stat is not or the receiver fell down after the ball was released .

What about the passes like we had against AZ, where Stafford threw an ill advised awful pass right to the AZ defender, who had a clear path to the end zone, but dropped it.

Should that be called a Int-TSHB-AP6-TETG-AALFTL? a.k.a. an “Interception that should have been a pick 6 to end the game and a loss for the Lions”. Where’s that stat at?

For all the ones that get tipped, there are just as many thrown right into the bread basket of the defender that get dropped. It levels out for the most part.

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We had a pick 6 that we dropped in that game as well. I always joke about how Jon Kitna threw such a catchable ball. But its only half joking. He really did throw a catchable ball, and it was so easy to catch even defenders didn’t have much trouble snagging them. If he threw a less catchable ball, his completion percentage would have been lower but ironically so would his interception numbers.


Are you talking about the one that Prescott threw behind Cooper, where Cooper had to twist awkwardly to get two hands on the ball? I know, I know, if the receiver can touch it with both hands it should be a catch, right? But at the very least, it certainly wasn’t a “great” throw. I’d say it wasn’t even a good one. That interception is every bit as much Prescott’s fault as Coopers.

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I’m just happy that Dallas has to decide whether to pay Prescott a shytton of cash for a mediocre QB, or start over. I’m personally hoping that idiot Jerry Jones pays him a fortune and handcuffs himself for years to come.

This is Dallas’ year and they look barely average. This offseason they have to give enormous contracts to Dak and Cooper, which means they will be cutting players just to keep the same core they have this year. Their window is small and closing fast.

They are definitely a top heavy team. But they can make Dak and Cooper work if they want to. I think Byron Jones will be the one that gets away because they can’t pay everybody. This is most likely Sean Lee’s last year, so that’s $6M they’ll be able to spend. If Byron Jones walks, that’s another $6M. Robert Quinn is another $7M. Then they have $8M in dead cap charges for this year that comes off the books.

Looking on it appears they can keep the guys they have. But they will need to be good in the draft and bring in some value free agents. They surely can’t make a big splash there.

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Sometimes a QB throws a ball poorly, a receiver gets his hands on it but it pops up in the air and gets picked. So if a QB throws a ball behind a receiver on a crossing or slant route and the receiver tries to catch it behind him and it pops up into the air and gets picked, then what?

Say what you will about PFF, but they would take these things into account. In some ways their ratings add value. Not saying they are perfect, and I also dislike their new focus on ‘content’, too, which doesn’t have much value at all.

Stats never tell the whole story…

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I suppose with today’s technology, they can calculate whether a WR should catch a pass or not. I do agree that some interceptions shouldn’t go against the QB but yeah, there’s a can of worms to open here.

This argument is irrelevant for the topic at hand …

You are bringing in a different element and one worth discussing as… like what I’m talking about here we have the ability now with every single play being analyzed a dropped INT stat for CB’s should be available or the info is available to do so. We already track bad throws for QB’s it’s a stat .
You are talking about maybes or if’s…

I’m talking about actual plays that are made like the INT that Alexander had against Presscott …That should have been caught by Cooper, it could have been a better pass but Amari Cooper tracked it wrong and did not slow up accordingly , he had near 5 yard cushion from the DB & on replay it actually looked like it surprised him .

Well, the AZ pick 6, should have happened. Most 8th graders take that one to the house. It’s the same thing. You are talking what if’s as well. You said Cooper tracked it wrong and did not slow up for the awful pass. That’s a classic “what if”. Bottom line, it’s sports. Things like this happen in every game. Throw better passes and things like this don’t happen. Why add more stats to an already saturated stat filled league?

Aaron Rodgers threw 25 TDs and only 2 interceptions the entire year last year. 1 of the picks was off a deflection. However, he also had a couple throws that should have been picked that were dropped. Does it really matter? If he ended with 23 tds and 2 picks, or 26 tds and 1 pick, or 25 tds and 2 picks. Bottom line, the dude doesn’t throw a ton of bad passes.

I’m almost at the point of saying that those kinds of stats are already tracked. What I’ve come to appreciate is that there are basic stats that people like you and I can grab with a couple of clicks of a mouse. But then there are much higher level stat collection places…some free (but you have to look) but many are pay sites. I’ve heard Pat & Jim talk about some of the stats that are being collected today and you can get access to them either thru the 3rd party service or they provide them on their site (which is pay of course). The level of information available is mind boggling.

I like the idea of having access to a “dropped interception” stat. I wouldn’t care as much about the DB side as the QB side. I would just like to see how often a QB gives the defense opportunities.

IF A QB throws the football and it ends up in the opponents hands…INT ! period !

doesn’t matter how the F our football got into the arms of our opponents after WE threw the ball, the damn ball was Intercepted…no question ! Therefore it is an INT…no question , really can’t be more simple.

I have a stat that says 100% of the time when you quote a stat someone will question the validity of stats.

Aaron Rodgers also lead the league in balls thrown away , …and Aaron is not valid to the discussion any way .

It’s not a what if …situation . The pass by Prescott not perfect , passes are not always perfect, QB’s are not always planted or standing still in a clean pocket and even when they are it can be just not a great pass .
It does not change that everyday of the week that pass that Cooper with 2 hands on the ball & no defender within 10 feet of him, had every opportunity to make that catch & adjust … & he did not . Instead he caused the Interception …Every play in the NFL unique as is each situation . This one was on Cooper and it should reflect Cooper negatively but it doesn’t is my point .

I’m sure one day Prescott will throw a bad pass destined to be intercepted and Cooper will break it up like a DB. Then they will be even.

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For the simple minded you are F**king correct , the result in game, the same .

If this was what the topic was about (results of an int) , you would be valid.
It’s not valid and has no relevance whatsoever to the topic of advanced stats/metrics…we have been down this road Cub results in game is not the topic.

A RB that rushes for 50 yards on 10 carries compared to a RB that rushes for 50 yds on 10 carries = 5.0 Yds per rush… it’s even , it does not tell the story or value of each and how and when those numbers were achieved . Nothing is simple with analytics