The Kay-Rod Cast

ESPN is trying to recreate the Manning-Cast with A-rod and Michael Kay. Wow, what a terrible idea. I have watched about 45 minutes of it off and on, and here is what I have observed.

  1. Kay and Rodriguez have no chemistry

  2. A-rod is painfully quiet for stretches at a time. I can tell that Kay is thinking “what the fuck, am I talking to myself?”

  3. The only time it kind of works is when they are interviewing people.

  4. The really doesn’t work for baseball. In football, any dead time is filled with game action. In baseball, too much set-up means that there are times that they are just sitting there, staring at the pitcher getting ready to make a pitch.

  5. Then of course, picked Yankees/Red Sox, which are notoriously long games. They are two hours in, and are only in the 5th inning. They planning on filling up probably 4 hours with this? Yikes.

I see this dying a quick death.

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Again proving Kay is everything Ernie Harwell didnt need to be and that steroid use turns you into an even bigger idiot than when you started

So true