The lack of true superstars is holding this team back

This team has a lot of good players, but we need a true superstar “face of the franchise” player to win us games like that.

St. Brown is amazing, but he’s not at that level. We think Hutch can be that, but he’s not yet. Jamo has that potential but he’s just never on the field. We don’t know if Gibbs can be that because we don’t give him the ball enough.

Bijan is winning games for the Falcons. Parsons is winning games for the Cowboys. Burrow and Chase win games for the Bengals all the time. The 49ers have superstars all over the field. Jalen Hurts wins games for the Eagles. Mahomes obviously wins games for the Chiefs. Josh Allen wins games for the Bills. Tyreek Hill wins games for the Dolphins. Justin Jefferson wins games for the Vikings. Who wins games for us?

The offensive line?

I can’t really remember the last game we won where I sat and thought “we won that game because of him” with “him” being a specific player on our team. Who won us the first game? Branch? I mean yeah I guess. He was just kind of in the right place at the right time though as opposed to making the play himself. Kerby Joseph won us games against the Packers last season, but other than that our wins are more of a team effort. The win just kind of happens.

This team is good. I know we lost today; we’ll be fine. But for this team to take the step from good to great, and into a true contender, we need superstar level players IMO.


I do think Hutch and ARSB are those guys. Probably even Goff. Hoping Gibbs gets there. He’s got the tools.

Hutch didn’t do much today, but he disrupted the game last week


When is the last time Goff was the reason we won a game?

He’s been the reason we haven’t lost many times, but when did he ever win a game for us?


That’s hard to say. Id say him marching us down the field, and rarely turning it over is a big reason we’d won so many


I mentioned this early today if we should have drafted parsons over sewell. I think parsons have more of an impact. Again sewell is dominant but pass rushing is a superior premium to have.
Honestly tho parsons wouldn’t be as dominant here tho. AG is a terrible coach. He doesn’t put players in best position to succeed. Hutch playing dt is foolish. He has completely ruin Houston


So is OL. Goff was getting beat up without Decker, after Big V went out. Penei should have a longer career.

I’m a PSU fan, so I love Micah

Give it time. Gibbs is still developing. St. was dominant and then got hurt. LaPorta sure looks like a budding star. Jamo should help as well.

Defense? It has to be Hutch. Poor effort. Though he did earn a holding call on that game winning TD pass.

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Generally agree with this but it happens.

Burrow has been terrible this year and they are 0-2
Allen lost the Bills game last week and they are 1-1

I think probably most of us before the season would be happy with 1-1 after two games against KC and Seattle.

It’s a bummer the interception free streak is over but I also thought Goff started playing better after. The way he was slinging it, I put the loss on Dan for playing to tie


You can only develop a 3rd down back so much. Terrible pick at 12 .

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Didn’t he engineer a 4th quarter comeback TD drive last week?


I don’t think Goff is the problem his wr are not that good other than St Brown, Reynolds is a good # 3 and played well stepped some. Leaf is a one or 2 play guy.


Did Marvin Jones ever run a route?

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I want to see the snap count because he didn’t get a single target. The rookie Green got a reception!

I’m also amazed at how much space the Seahawks WRs were able to generate. It felt like half the Lions WR catches were contested.

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I’m surprised you make it so simplistic. I think it’s nuanced. You want the last possession. You want Riley inside, what 42? 45? Jared works best across the middle of the field. Ben’s calling the plays. Jared’s making the decisions. I really don’t think Dan was directing anybody to play for the tie. We got stopped on 4th and fortunately we’re able to not give the ball back to Seattle with any time. That was definitely part of the plan and for good reason.

Total team loss IMO.

Maybe we just witnessed the difference between Goff and Stafford that some talked about.
Uh Oh Reaction GIF by Tricia  Grace

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Yeah aggressiveness play calling didn’t work out and we just weren’t good enough.

I don’t see how anyone looks at that time management and those plays and doesn’t see how obvious it was that they were taking the FG all the way. That’s a HC decision

They need to be way closer than the 42 and were. They had a set of downs within FG range of being in the 30. They didn’t take a single shot to the end zone

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Well Goff had a better overall game against the birds. If our defense holds them to 20 total yards in the second half and 13 points, it’s a blowout

Stafford also had zero pressures last week. The Hawks pass rush was non existent. After this game we should hold off on anointing out Oline. They were getting spanked

On the flip side, our Dline couldn’t generate pressure against three practice squad players


He was a big reason we went 8-2 last year.


Hutch was being mobbed to the point he could only get 1 battted pass , and 1 sack …in 4 quarters.