The lack of true superstars is holding this team back

Dan has got this MORE than Brad does.

Dan is the best and most important lion

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I love Dan. This loss is on him, though.
He’s still learning. I hope he learns a little faster, now.

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I don’t agree that Commish is a journeyman. He had a down game but he’s a damn fine player.

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In a way isn’t every outcome on him? That may be unfair but so is the business.

I feel the fumble and the pick were the 2 largest contributing factors to the loss.

Not many were fans of the 4th down call, but that’s not a turnover, though it hurt the momentum, for sure and impacted the game in other ways

3 points would have ended the game in regulation.
He had that opportunity twice, and didn’t take the shot.

Dropped pass by my boy Gibby
Plus the other two equate to a greater impact than mistake that Dan made?

3 points would have overcome that. Players can’t be perfect. Coaching has to be smart.
Oddly, it was exactly the opposite of the first Vikings game last year, when everyone knew the kicker couldn’t make the FG he went for.
This time, we would have at least made the gimme, if not both.
I’m still a Dan fan. He just screwed the pooch.

Correct, because we are relentless, tough, dogs, have a culture of violence, aggression, brotherhood, etc.… Because of this (coaching), we were almost able to overcome two turnovers and a strategic error

Our coach in GM turned this from a absolute nightmare of a locker room… With the worst strategy imaginable… And salary cap hell… Into what you see now

Best coach evuh!!!

All i will say is

  1. we beat the chiefs in part because sewell had an epic run block on the montgomery TD.
  2. Aiden IS a superstar in the making. He is getting held and chipped every single play. He has to worm through just watt and bosa have had to. He will be fine. If anything it supports the will anderson at 6 rumors. Pascal is good but not healthy. The rest are meh on that DL.
  3. JAMO has that potential.
  4. branch has that potential.
    5)Gibbs has that potential.
  5. CjGj was/is that.

Its been one game. Season is far from over. They still win the division…


… Sewell, hutch and repeated mention of emphasis on trenches

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Anderson so far looks like a monster too. Last week he had a 93 PFF grade. He would have looked nice across from Hutch


Exactly them guys were no brainers were we took them. But he took some big risk on the other 2.

Then look at picks and position played, especially in the first two years (… Basically what was prioritized while building the culture).

Very trench heavy

What if laporta is Kittle 2.0? Just saying…

The defensive line is weak. But it’s almost by design…the strength of the defense is suppzow to be the secondary. Its where all the money and talent is. Losing CJGJ is huge…but we got branch and walker. But its a huge blow. The only reason im a little nervous tbh…

They were looking pretty formidable with CJGJ back there with Kirby, Branch and Sutton. And it was exciting to think Moseley was coming back soon to plug the only big hole we had…

But the way I see them is that when you rely on your secondary to tackle as much as the Lions do, they get beat up when the DLine is ho hum. Injuries are bound to happen. They just need that superstar right in the middle of that thing like Suh/Ansah was to go with Hutch. Those type of players take the pressure off. I know there are schemes at play, just speaking generally. So I think were so close right now. But not quite there.

And I wish to God they would get a kicker. They can’t be that serious about making a playoff run with a kicker that can’t kick past 50 yards. I mean c’mon…

to me all I am saying is if we turn it over-we $#@!@ turned it over no matter which way or how we did it or it happened.

Yep, exactly. And I’ll just add that with the current injuries to our team and what we just witnessed from the defense Goff is the only reason I have hope we can win at this point.

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That fumble is on Laporta missing his block. It was Dan who put a rookie TE who isn’t a very good blocker in that position. Just as bad as asking Houston to cover guys downfield. Dan said when he got here that he wouldn’t put players in situations where he was asking guys to do things that they weren’t capable of doing. Well that’s not what I saw on Sunday.

Nobody saw Micah coming as an ultra-generational star. Ten teams passed on him. Of course they wish they hadn’t, but that’s just the draft.

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