The league must hate Denver

Had one of the big time teams had QB issue, they would have pushed the game back a few days.

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Yes that was a pile of BS

I wished it would have been televised nationally. I soo wanted to watch

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It was awful. I watched a lot of it on Redzone.
Both QBs were pitiful. Hill couldn’t complete a pass either.
It seems like Winston is going to have to get in there if NO wants to do anything in the playoffs.

Saints are by backup team (used to live in NOLA) I would not be sad at all if Staff wound up there.


From what I heard the league was harsh on them because they lied about the situation and got caught.


Unfortunately Denver got exactly what they deserved. They didn’t follow the COVID protocols. I’ve always had a ton of respect for the Broncos organization over the years. Elway is my favorite QB of alltime, but the Broncos got what they deserved in this situation.

I think that was the deciding factor. It was Denver’s negligence and inability to follow protocols which led to the issue. The league was always going to make an example of whichever team screwed up.

My understanding is it wasn’t about following protocol as much as it was about lying about following protocol and then getting caught in the lie (with a photograph).

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