The League Wide Assessment of this QB class is in

…and apparently the entire league agrees it sucks. With a hot QB carousel in overdrive, we may have never seen so many teams trading for such marginal talent ever before.

Washington trading for the Carson Wentz project and giving more than a warm bucket of spit for him? Atlanta getting anything for the old, expensive, and implosive Matt Ryan? Immediately pivoting to Mariota? New Orleans handing a contract to Winston after missing on everyone for an amount no one would have predicted just two weeks ago. And seriously, Trubisky???

Make no mistake, this is like a neon indictment of every single QB in this class.

No one is jockeying for position to land any of these guys, even the few teams without a clear answer seem to be stockpiling guys they hope can hold the fort down.

Perhaps Seattle, Houston, Atlanta, or Carolina will surprise me, but the league wide assessment is in, and it looks like that assessment is Hard Pass.


There is not a single QB in this class who should be starting week 1. Pickett is probably the closest of the bunch, but that is why you are seeing these moves. Indy has a roster capable of making the playoffs and if Reich wants to keep his job Matt Ryan was one of his best bets. You think Mayhew and Rivera have the time to ride this year out with a rookie QB? Mariota was a cheap option for Atlanta and they have a team option for year 2. Pittsburgh can get rid of Trubisky in 2023 for less than 3mil in dead cap space.

If anything these moves confirm that these guys aren’t viewed as day 1 starters and thats alright.

I think at least three of these guys get drafted in the first and 5 drafted in the top 50.


[quote=“detroit1811, post:2, topic:14984”]
Mariota was a cheap option for Atlanta

Atlanta’s rebuild plan:

1.) trade aging franchise cornerstone
2.) bring in middling run-first QB
3.) lose a bunch of games
4.) snap up franchise QB atop 2023 draft

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I wouldn’t rule out them taking a QB this year.

That’s 5 teams.

Wentz, Ryan, Mariota, Winston, and Trubiskey were all acuired for a TOTAL of three picks in the 3rd round.

The Commies & Colts made those trades because they believe they have the rosters to make the playoffs with them… which means they believe they gave up late 3rd rounders.

Mariota and Winston were signed because those teams couldn’t land Deshaun Watson. Trubiskey got a deal with incentives. All of those situations clearly indicate the teams are looking at sombody other than those QBs.

And… All of those QBs can be cut or traded after 1 season with zero to little cap implications.

Meanwhile…… earlier today….

the true league wide consensus… was that every single NFL team attended a pro day to see 1 player.

I’m pre-approving a trade down with Atlanta (they grab Willis).

In exchange, the Lions get picks:
2023 2nd Rd

Looking at their roster I’d rather have their first round pick next year. Me thinks it’ll be much higher.

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I’d take it before they could rethink it. I works for us no matter what any trade chart says.

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How is this so different than 2021, when it was supposed to be an especially strong class?

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Looking back at Trubisky’s career… I don’t understand why there is such a negative opinion of him.
I’m not going to say he is top 10 QB or anything, but he could be a decent bridge guy… and he is still young enough that he could put the pieces together and end up as a quality starter.

Toss his rookie season out.
Almost all QBs struggle as rookies… and the Bears top WRs were Kendal Wright and Josh Bellamy.
Christian Jones led the Bears in tackles in 2017. yes… that Christian Jones

Since his rookie year, Trubisky is 25-13 as a starter.
His “worst” year… in terms of W/L record… was 2019… and he was 8-7 that year.
Of those 7 losses, 4 were to Packers (x2), Saints, & Rams.
Also… 5 of his 13 losses from 2018-2020 were against Aaron Rodgers.
And… his coach & play-caller was Matt Nagy… so there’s that.

He has a career completion percentage of 64%, and it is over 65% since his rookie year.

He might never be a great QB, but he didn’t cost the Steelers any picks and he is cheap.
I think they made a smart move for the situation they faced.

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