The Lions fans had one thing to look forward to on the last day of the

Regular season and they fu, er, screwed that up royally. I watched a Packer team mail it in. They should be investigated but that will never happen.The Lions screamed out to a 31-0 win and we just cascaded from fifth to tenth or eleventh in draft order. That’ll drop us five spots in every round. Good job to the idgets. They can’t even tank for one game correctly. Go team, fight! Yay.


It looks like your cost them 3 spots and two of the 3 teams at least in the 1st round
arent picking against Detroit’s needs so really it means Tampa Bay may grab the number one corner and leave detroit with a question about number two or from a different position group.

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Here’s another bit of irony. Fans will complain they lost 3 spots in the draft, for the love of God now we cant get an elite player picking later, etc. Those same fans will cream their pants if the Lions trade down and get an extra pick, later in the draft, when supposedly you cant get talent outside the top 10.

I dont get it man…



I hadn’t even thought about the trade angle yet. That’s hilarious.

Yeah but there’s a difference between trading down and picking-up picks and just losing and screwing yourself out of draft positions.

I agree with Yooper, the Lions can’t do anything right ever, not even lose when they need to.

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It sucks winning to lose out on one of the top targets. In the top 5 we were going to get one of the top 3 defensive guys. There’s still talent to be had but it’s frustrating.

It was evident the packers weren’t even trying to win and the Lions were playing with pride. Can’t blame them. It did feel good to sweep the packers in back to back seasons. The first time in my lifetime. But that won’t help come draft day.

I’ll say it again, show me how elite number one picks have helped the Lions? Stafford? No playoff wins at all. Calvin Johnson? Same thing. Barry Sanders? One playoff win. You guys act like a higher draft pick is some sort of a guarantee of playoff success when we’ve seen that simply isn’t true with this team.

These are a Lions, I’ve gotten resigned to taking the game one simple play at a time. Enjoy what you can.


Well, except you get a much better trade down with a higher pick…


Without him, no way we make the playoffs in 2014.

Agree if you squander it on an offensive skill position.

Unless of course, you draft future franchise LB Aaron Curry number 1, and pass on Stafford. Hey Bradford was coming out in 2010 anyways.

(Yes, I wanted the Lions to take Curry too… ugh)

Barry, CJ, Stafford, Suh…where did they all get picked in their drafts? All top 3 picks, bro.

Top 10 picks we’ve had…Eric Ebron, Ernie Sims, Mike Williams, Roy Williams, Chris Claiborne, etc.

Yep, there’s a difference. The sooner we draft, the better.

The team that took Curry, took Wilson in 3rd roung (#75 overall) and won a super bowl.

Curry doesn’t kill you.

Taking a 2nd tier quality QB with a big arm but no touch at #1 overall and paying him top dollar for 10 years, does.

The thing that kills you is not pushing your players to improve. Even the great Elway, whom Stafford is not in the same class as, Elway didnt win anything until Shanahan arrived, and built the offense around Terrell Davis and the running game. Elway’s natural ability was in some decline, he and Shanahan knew it, and Shanahan stopped using him as a feature player and instead used him as a piece to the puzzle.

This is what the Lions MUST do with Stafford. If Stafford has a problem being part of a system, then you find your guy who can work in your system.

I agree. I’ve been saying forever that we needed another rooster instead of beta backups.

My feeling is that we built the team to give every advantage to Stafford.

  1. We deliberately ignored the run game by drafting OL that were good pass blockers.

  2. We got petite backs with good hands to catch passes out of the back field and run after catch. A lot of them. Best, Bush, K. Jones, Riddick…

  3. We put him in shotgun/pistol all the time. This helps a QB and hurts a “run game”. It doesn’t, however, hurt short passes in lieu of runs. It helps. I saw quite a few passes (and stats back this up) behind the LOS with runs after the catch. We had the fewest rush attempts of anyone forever. We set records for pass attempts in a season (currently Stafford is #1 and #8)

It bothered me that the very aspect that gave Stafford a lot of free stats was used as an excuse as to why he didn’t succeed.

Even Caldwell said “we have an arm, we’re going to use it”

The two years we did put him under center 10% more, (2014 and 2018) he didn’t look so hot.

2015 said goodbye to Lombardi, who I think was given the thumbs down by Stafford, got what he wanted in Cooter, who gave him all kinds of freedom to even help design the offense.

I’m curious as to how it would have turned out had Lombardi been allowed to continue trying to break Stafford. The first half of 2015 was against really good teams, yet still 60% completion in every game. Yeah, we lost, but we lost close enough that we should have seen the positive. Instead, it was sold as “wow, miracle cure by Cooter”. Never mind we played a super weak schedule the 2nd half of the season.

Cooter needs to go. I think he’s Stafford’s bitch. That can’t happen.

Because the Lions have been so good at finding Quarterbacks. Stafford has developed better awareness now that he has a pocket. He still lacke any touch and relies on his arm. I was all in on Stafford and I still am. John Matthew Stafford is the best QB in Detroit history.

You make a point, and defeat it in the same paragraph.

The Lions have had an incredible ability to find bad QB’s. So does that mean you should just stand by the best of the worst? Its like that new AT*T commercial, do you just want “pretty good”?

For the record, this isnt a “anybody but Stafford” discussion. Its just a discussion of how to get better. You said he relies on his arm to much, and i wholeheartedly agree. I have not seen one thing that says Stafford would have an issue being a system QB. I do think the Lions changed or partially changed the offense during the season, and this combined with losing Jones, losing Tate, losing Kerryon, etc caused the offense to stall badly. I also think, today Stafford seemed more comfortable.

Ive said in previous posts, my idea for the Lions would be:

  1. In free agency, sign some budget WR’s who can catch, and make sure you have solid WR’s in spots 1-5 (Chicago and Rams both did this to huge success) TJ and Andy Jones shouldnt be 4-5 guys. Jones/Golladay are good 1-2, and i think Powell is finding some chemistry.
  2. Draft a RG to replace Lang
  3. Draft a TE to replace Roberts as a pass catcher
  4. Draft a QB to help push Stafford and be ready to go should Stafford get hurt, or regress. This is just smart team building, at best he gets traded to a team desperate for a QB (Think Garappalo) or at worst, he is prepared to take over your team (Think Rodgers)

That right there, just improved your whole offense, and it wont cost much either. You still have plenty of resources to draft for defense, and Quinn proved they can find some budget players on D who are highly effective (Kennard, Okwara, etc)

And yet not a playoff WIN. Is that why we should tank a game, for entry into the playoff where we get killed?

My point isn’t that you don’t get better players with a higher draft, my point is these are the Lions, they have no idea what to do with a better player, hence the not one playoff win in most of our lifetimes even with high draft picks.

So why tank a game with this team who won’t take advantage of it anyway?

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Lions have been bad at finding QBs because they’ve been bad at building OLs. And they’ve been squandering way more than is reasonable at offensive skill positions.