The lions lose


It’s infuriating. Makes me sick.

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No but you can win by kicking a 6th…we had 1.45 on the clock when the second screw job came that would have made gb kick the fg

I swear if they scored a touchdown every time they touched the ball some of you guys would say they should have got 2 point conversions too.


Players fumble, players drop passes, QBs miss passes, kickers miss kicks, it’s all part of the game.

Bad calls…not even bad call…those 2 hands to the face are made up calls.

Did the ref see hands to the face? How could he have possibly seen hands to the face. He didn’t.

He made the call up.

Just like the forearm shiver, or the horse collar that was actually a hair grab, or the BS face mask on Rodgers. None of these infractions were actually seen…because they didn’t happen.

Refs should not be MAKING UP CALLS. Period. If you don’t see it, don’t call it.

Refs miss calls. That sucks but it happens. Fast game, and they can’t be expected to see everything.

But how the hell do you call something that you clearly did not see? HOW???

That is making shit up.

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Sloppy wins happen to good teams all the time. We should’ve won this game despite our mistakes. We made plays in critical situations and got hosed for it. The non PI call and the two phantom hands to the face penalties directly pushed the game to GB. You can’t ask or expect players to keep overcoming that sort of officiating in the 4th quarter. I feel sorry for the players.

It’s a bogus loss. Our team is actually good enough to be leading the toughest division in the NFL right now and we aren’t even playing our best football yet.

Well at least I won my $200 bet on the Packers ML. Sigh…

might have won if our first round TE caught a damn ball that hit both of his hands…

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Would have won if refs did call a fake hands to the face that led to a td…just saying!

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The team fought and scrapped all night. Sure, they made mistakes and were unable to capitalize with TD’s on most of GB’s turnovers, but this should’ve been a win.

We had one 12 men on the field penalty that was righteous, but the missed PI call, the incomplete pass on on 3rd and 4 to KJ fumbled ( or not in my opinion) and the two hands to the face penalties on Flowers were perfectly timed to ensure the leagues preferred outcome and add to Rodgers legacy.

After all, the NFL can’t have the Lions defeating the Packers 5 times in a row especially with the division lead on the line.

Is that NFL radio?
Nobody is going to smooth this bullshit over. It’s not a figment of the entire countries mind.
I won’t be watching next week. Our season is a waste. I’m not wasting my time on something that’s a forgone conclusion.


Well said, @Notfishnsunday

Cool See you next year!

You can be here without watching the team.

Trust me, because I’m not leaving this place.

You’ll probably see me here, but, I’m not giving them my money, time, or RATINGS.
I’ll talk about next week’s bullshit with you guys, but, I will not support the NFL in any way!

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That’s too bad. We’re good this year. You are going to miss a fun season.

I knew from just watching the pregame shows. They just sabotaged our good season. I can’t have fun knowing we should have won the best division in football.

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I understand what you’re saying man. I was concerned not turning one of those early FGs into a TD could be a problem later.

The 12 men on the field deal. All that stuff.

It sucks ass.

I am so disturbed by the refereeing that my ability to stay level is a real struggle.

I’m not one to gripe about refs and their impact on the game…this however was just a whole new level decomposing festering disease ridden feces that I had to digest as a Lions fan.

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You guys are missing the OPs point. The Lions need to score TDs when they have it 1st and goal inside the 5. Had the Lions pushed it down the Packs throat and scored TDs it would have been 21-0. Lot different than 13-0.