The Lions need Scarbrough more than KeJo

I’m not seeing ADP as the 3rd down sort yardage power back either. But I gotta be honest, Peterson didn’t have anywhere to go with the ball on those plays where he got stuffed. Not his fault. Maybe they need to be in a 2-back formation sometimes instead of the I or single back, with Bo and De’Andre. An inside/outside kinda thing.

Don’t know what it is with Kerryon, but he don’t look the same as he did 2 years ago.


Too predictable.

The 2 back sets would help a lot, IMO. Teams know what we’re gonna do, based on personnel.

What I the % that we run on first down? 90+%?

Insanely predictable, today. leading the league in drops…if we could get over that, it would help.

All things considered, loved the game.


I think the struggle is everyone knows what is happening when AP is in and KJ is in. Swift offers some running and receiving. AP is only gonna run and most plays when he is in is a run play…KJ is only being used as a blocker and he is damn good at it…he needs a few carries (ap’s) in order to keep the defense guessing.


I have no problem being Bo into the games: I stated last yr he earned a shot and I think could be good for us as well

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While I’m not a huge fan, I do think he was more effective than Kerryon, last year.

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seething is, when we bring Swift on the field? teams know we’re going to run the SOB, same with AP we are not confusing anyone , what might be…is we send Swift out on some medium /short screens when the opposing defense is thinking run , put Golladay on one side the field and MJ on the other WITH Swift and the defense is going to have to cover if not double cover our guys . try two WR’s Golladay and Amen with Hock running screens in the middle. something.

the second Swift or AP get on , especially first downs, they know we’re running…the majority of the time…

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In a chatroom on Sunday, I asked someone what is the play selection when AP was in the game and someone said it was like 55% run and 45% pass or something like. They claimed the information was from PFF. Take it for what it is worth.

While I do think our O is crazy predictable, I feel like Swift makes u less predictable. I’d like to see the statistic of what we do on first down…and what we do on first down when AP is in the game.

I’d bet it’s somewhere around 75% run w/AP. Drives me insane. I’d also like to see some deep shots on 2nd and short.

Swift adds a nice versatility, but doesn’t block well. he tried to get Matt killed with a crappy block (at least once). He gets to improve in blocking, for sure, but going into Sunday, he was the teams 2nd leading receiver, with a very low drop rate. Dude catches everything that is a non-game-winner :wink:

I can see opportunity for lots of growth, if they choose to evaluate themselves (coaches). This roster is actually pretty solid.