The Lion's receiving corps is entirely composed of security blankets

Amon Ra - security blanket
LaPorta - security blanket
Reynolds - security blanket
Raymond - security blanket
Gibbs - security blanket in training

This is why Williams will take the offense to the next level. Guard him, and two people will be open. Guard them, and its a 50 yard td


I’ve noticed that johnson once or twice a game draws up a play where someone is W I D E open and we take advantage.

our offense is a newer take on a west coast style, and honestly I’m fine with it. it keeps goff upright and makes running a bit easier.


That’s a great parallel to draw.

Like it, except Reynolds has 17.9 yd/rec average. That’s a little more than a security blanket.

LaPorta 11.0
ASB 10.8
Gibbs 5.0
Raymond 14.9

Like I said in the game thread. Why don’t we try to get it to Gibbs on some swing passes, just like we did with Monty a couple times. I know he dropped a screen, and maybe it’s just scheme, and the D knows what’s coming when Gibbs is in there.


I’m with all of this too.
Feel like it shouldn’t be that tough to get Gibby in the wide open. He’s still never been in a foot race.
I figured he would be one of Johnson’s favorite toys, by now. He truly is learning 3 positions, so I’m being patient.

I also don’t want to come across like I know more than Ben…just surprised…that’s all.

I know Gibby is a big part of the SB run.



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I see it too my man. Honestly with the second half shutdown last night I’m hoping it’s just Ben keeping some things for when they are really needed

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If Williams comes back and starts playing up to his talent watch what happens when Gibbs starts to get more room in the run game. Probably pass game as well as the season goes on. I have a feeling he’s going to be much more than a security blanket by years end.


Marvin Jones Jr- wet blanket

I’ve always considered Goff a bit of a checkdown man. I’m hoping he can adapt to Jamo. Jamo is not a short yardage guys, his strides are long and break-in/outs aren’t his strength.

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I just don’t understand dogging a player that has been so good for us.
Either he’s going through a rough stretch, or he’s lost a step. Either way, he’s not a lame horse.
He’s a guy that spent years putting his body on the line to entertain us, and he did it at a high level.
I’m hoping he regains his footing and I hope he retires a Lion.


Same reason people “DoGgEd” Matt ryan and drew Bree’s and Michael brockers or anyone else who is over the hill. Why done Marvin jones get a pass? Marvin had a hell of a career. Keyword:had

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It’s awesome to have an OC who’s so good at scheming guys open downfield. AND it’d be awfully nice to have just ONE guy who can just flat-out haul a$$ downfield, ONE guy whose speed compels the D to shift its coverages.

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Wrong question.
Why do good players get berated for getting older? Do you think it’s their choice?
Do you think it’s not going to happen to you?
Young people may feel invincible, but, trust me, it’s a short lived illusion.

Why dont we just run Theo Riddick arrow routes with Gibbs all damn day long?

Can you speak up please? I couldn’t hear you over my bones cracking.

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argue grumpy old men GIF by Laff

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Two–things happen to old players A: They stay productive-useful players for their team-until they retire. OR B: Their play get’s noticeably poorer until they get waived or cut.

MJ WAS a good player at one time…–here in 2023, he has shown very little “so far” -now- post 4 regular season games . we will see what happens with him as time goes on . that is not bashing Marvin Jones–that is being honest-furthermore- I don’t know that they keep him.


I agree, Marv hasn’t looked like the guy we once had. That doesn’t make him a bad person. Just a human being.