The Lions should cut both David Blough and Tim Boyle

Cole Kelley to the PS right now.

Blough showed some real pluck and moxie yesterday. And if you could actually beat an NFL defense with pluck and moxie alone, that would mean something.

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Chicago?, Oh wait! Get Minny on the line.Might be able to fleese them…again!

If you did not need to run the second team I would cut both and put Blough on the PS for emergency. I just think you have to have 2 QB’s during the week. Second team QB runs the opposition offense.

Can a practice squad qb run the 2nd team during practice?

Maurice Alexander played QB in high school and a bit at Florida International. He could be the emergency third string QB.

Actually they do practice with the team. Perhaps Blough can be on PS and run the scout team. I really doubt he gets poached.

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Someone who needs to market women’s hair products!


Definitely need to move on from both of them, but it’s probably most prudent to only cut one right now.

Cut Boyle, keep Blough.

If we get lucky, nab someone off waivers or FA, then cut Blough and move him to the PS.

Correct. Even picking someone up off waiver wire is a waste of time, as it pertains to this year…a QB who has no continuity/timing w/the offense, doesn’t know the playbook, doesn’t know the lingo, doesn’t know how much he can/can’t trust the OL, etc. Only way I’d pick someone up off waiver wire is if I thought it was a good long term move. At this point…Goff goes down, we lose.

CLEARLY I’m not NFL GM, but I do like Howell and Willis. I wold have been very happy to get Willis (even in the 2nd round, but especially in the 3rd). You guys were right about GMs not having the stomach for a guy that’s gonna take 2 years to perform, and I was wrong about that. I for sure would have taken Willis over Paschal or Kerby…maybe right/maybe wrong. if he’s Josh Allen in 3 years, was it worth it? I dunno. I can’t remember where Howell got drafted, but I like him too.

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No one will pick them up. I would cut Boyle now. See if you can get another QB. If you do, you then cut Blough and send him to PS.


Ya got that right. Nobody will pick up either of these guys.
Also, I would have cut Boyle after his first series…Goooood Laaaaawd he’s incompetent.

Thinking outside the box here - Most Superbowl teams have had their starting QB for the entire season. Same with playoff teams. Perhaps the starting QB has missed one or two games. But generally to get to the playoffs you need a healthy starting QB.

What if you selected an intelligent but not necessarily physically gifted QB and placed them on PS. You know they don’t have on field talent to get poached. So they run your scout team during the week.

Meanwhile you take a player like St. Brown and train them as an emergency QB. You know you are not going to the playoffs or SB unless you have your starter. So take advantage of the odds and gain 1 or 2 extra roster slots for guys that will contribute on game day.

Could it bite you? Possibly - but sometimes we do things because that is how they are always done. Maybe there are better ways to address roster spots.

Or Maurice Alexander. He was a QB for his first two years in college and had a better TD to Interception ratio than Tim Boyle did in his first 2 years. Don’t look up The Real TB12’s ratio…


Cannon for an arm.
Accuracy of a laser.
Speed of a RB.

He’s the perfect weapon.

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You can cut both at the moment. What team is going to put them on their 53? Both should pass waivers and Holmbell can put one on the practice squad to elevate when appropriate.

I would keep Alexander over either of the B&B boys. Hes a solid 2nd returner. If he can be the emergency qb and also a gadget guy. Grab a blough and another qb for the practice squad


Boyle yes, Blough no (for now). I fully believe we can find a better option than Blough on the street after final cuts, but having your only backup have zero time in your system isn’t smart. Fact is most could see that neither were remotely good, or remotely had a future as a franchise QB. So the time to move on was months ago, not now. I put that on Holmes. This evaluation of these two scrubs frankly makes me a little nervous for him to blow future capitol to move up and take a QB. Maybe we should just roll w Goff and be happy we don’t send him down the road for the next Sam Darnold. You have to ride with Blough now, send Boyle packing and fix it next offseason, hopefully with a developmental option with a ceiling.

Bring back Steven Montez! For the practice squad.

Alexander played QB in college. I’d give the #3 spot to him. Then you have at least a Blough, and a return man.
Then, find an actual NFL QB off the waivers. We have the #2 shot. Jacksonville won’t be taking 2 waived QB’s.