The magical 32nd pick

… is very interesting this year.

Literally 4-5 QBs could sitting there, with GM’s from other teams coveting the extremely valuable 5th year of control on a developing QB.

I’m definitely answering the phone when we are on the clock.

Heck, even pick 34 is interesting, with teams having a full day to drool over a player they thought for sure would be gone.

As a team still filling a lot of spots on defense, a few extra magic beans in rounds 2-4 wouldn’t bother me at all.

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I’m more intrigued with these 2 picks than I am with 2. Possibly could trade down for more picks, or use them to move up for someone who is still on the board 15-20.

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That 32nd pick is a hot one. All the talk has been around Seattle or Atlanta moving up in the top 10 for a QB.

I think it’s more probable that one of these QB needy teams move up to the 32nd pick.

Atlanta -
Seattle -

Move down to 41-43 range and pick up an additional 3rd or 4th pick (to fill that void the Lions currently have between 100-180).

It may be the Lions most tradable pick.

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Do you have a link to that trade value chart guide?

Trade Chart

Draft pick Transaction history

This team lacks Top talent not a bunch of extra pics. We have a chance to get some real talent in them first 3 pics. I’m not trading I’m gonna get 3 players that can’t impact my team.


Using the Lionswire Chart, trading #32 for SEA #40 + #109 (4th Pick in the 4th Round), is almost in balance. Only off by 3 points. It would FILL the Lions hole in the 4th Round, but I attribute implied additional value to Pick #32 (5th Year Option, much more accurate list of players available at the end of the 1st Day), which gives #32 Premium Value. IMO, SEA would have to provide further sweeteners to clinch the trade. While the Lions would gain an additional player at #109, one has to also compute the likelihood of a 4th Round Pick having a lengthy NFL career, if/when he becomes a starter or remains a fringe player e.g. Austin Bryant.

Also, Holmes will have the visibility at #32 of player(s), he never thought would be available at #32, are available. Depending on the player available, I would nix the proposed trade and take the player. #32 = Very Good to Excellent , #109 = Average to Good might be another way to look at this. Also, Campbell wants DAY 1 Players to step right in on Opening Day. Unlikely, he will get this with #109, #40 maybe.

Trading down to like 36 though means you can potentially still get the guy you would have targeted at 32, all while adding a 4th rounder. Holmes struck gold in the 4th last year with St. Brown and had a good track record on day 3 with the Rams. I’m all for that kind of move.

Now if there’s a guy there you love or the end of one of your tiers, take him at 32 and be happy about it.

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Be happy with the best LB available at #32.

I’m sick of beans just go BPA and don’t look back!

Time is now to add the best talent available