The Mentality Of A LB

This offseason the Lions looked to Spielman as a voice of reason and knowledge. I have always seen and respected his knowledge, passion and accountability. What I have always seen from most position players is that they do not understand the intricate issues regarding other positions and take their mentality into positions that don’t fit. Spielman has shown he understands the keys most players should be looking for that tell them where the play is going and what their responsibilities are. Whether that translates to all positions or just some is the question.

When the Lions had Rathman as the RB coach, they charged him with finding the best RB in the draft. He came back with Kevin Jones, who had the mentality (or got it from Rathman) of a FB. I remember debating with Wesleysh as I preferred Steven Jackson, who was a sure bet in my mind as big RB’s who can also catch the ball match up well with the multi DB defenses in today’s passing game. To be fair Jones played well his rookie year, but the problem was that he always looked to hit defenders instead of run around them as he wasn’t nearly as elusive. That was the FB’s mentality you do not want in a RB. We saw it again with Marinelli taking Kevin Smith over Jamaal Charles, who was a unique talent. There are many positions where a LB’s mentality isn’t what you want. Campbell is certainly the mentality Spielman likes as a HC. Will we see these types of mistakes in other positions where “tough guy” isn’t the focus? Hopefully Holmes is the voice of reason to overrule tough guy over best player!

Your assumption is based off all linebackers being the same person and somehow having the same mentality. That is very flawed and narrow minded thinking.

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Holmes has said that he believes winning starts in the trenches.

Based off some of the things he has said … I think he feels the Lions weakest link is our front 4.

Based off Campbells praise of Davis I’d think that Dan doesn’t view LBer as our weakest link either.

If Calmbell looks towards the NO linebacking Corp as to what a LBer should look like. Not one of them are over 240lbs. So I’d suspect that we will be getting lighter and more agile at LBer. Which is the current trend in the NFL. I also think we will see a ton of sub packages like we did with Austin.


No I had no assumption and that was the point. I merely put out the question as to whether his knowledge translated across all positions and wasn’t driven like Rathman’s and Marinelli’s from his own mentality of what a football player is over talent.

I have heard Spielman talk about several positions with knowledge, but conspicuously I haven’t heard him talk about the skill positions of WR or QB.

If you were looking to distract other teams from what you were searching for, I would expect this type of statement. All coaches think they can turn on the light for players. Davis looks fine rushing the passer where he has absolutely nothing else to consider. If someone were to use him in that limited role, maybe. He is always out of position in the run game and can’t cover his own shadow in the passing game. When teams clearly isolate you are their primary goal on Offense as GB did the first meeting, you are a huge liability.

And to think, we could have Isaiah Simmons right now. I still think Okudah will be very good though so I’m not totally mad at it.

Mathew has a tough guy as a focus (not the primary thing, but it’s definitely a thing). Same with Golliday, who has one of the nastiest wR stiff arms you will ever see. Swift, to a lesser degree. I think it’s a great thing to have, regardless of which position you play.

Spielman is a tough sombitch, but he studies film like a QB. He’s a rare mixture of toughness, intelligence, and instinct. Davis is touch, and he’s not an idiot, but he has horrible instincts (dozens’t help that he plays behind our DL).

I think the mental set is spectacular, here. While Spielman naturally carries a lot of alpha-masculine energy, he is growth oriented. Masculine energy does not mean meathead. I know pleanty of alphas that are the smartest, kindest MF’rs in the room. Spielman is growth-oriented. Dude is not looking to shove his way up someone else’s ass, he is looking to grow and be better as a player, now an office LBr. He will continue to study his position, just like he did as a player. He will continue to grow, just like he did as a player. He will continue to learn, just as I’m sure he did as a husband and father…because THAT is who he is. Way more than just the tough guy mentality…way more. I think that’s what people are missing about Campbell too.

They won’t shove their narrative up someone else’s ass, rather demand their best and continually seek new ways to get that out of them. The energetic alpha shit will permeate the culture, because that’s how energy works.

If 2 ppl are in a room, they WILL influence each other. The one who is more influential is the one who is more committed to their way of being (energetically & philosophically), not schematically. Patricia knew he was a fraud in his heart. He had no commitment to who he is as a man, but to his silly-ass system. He rode it to his grave. Campbell/Spielman will not do that. They are committed to their way of being a man, not their way of football.

Excellence as a man is SO different than trying to prove yourself. Chris and Danbo have nothing to hide and nothing to prove, as they already know who they are.

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That’s the key to success in life in general! Continuous reflection, improvement, growth and learning. Can’t ask for more in life really.

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Very good take. I am not suggesting that Spielman or Campbell are those types of guys, just putting the question out there. I think we are in a wait and see position on both. My inclination on Campbell is that he is more focused on being a leader of men and getting them to play at the top of their ability. Spielman is knowledgable in many areas, but everyone has blind spots.

What I have to see is the understanding of what wins in competition. Few people understand why matchups are the key and exploiting matchups is how you win:

We had Barry - how you win is putting a top OL in front of him so that the defense has to use all of it’s resources to try and slow him down. Fontes traded away Roaf for Swilling thinking the missing link was a pass rusher - that is not understanding how to compete. You win by doing something so well that teams have no way to stop you. The guy that builds his teams to be good in every area but great in none doesn’t win anything. The Giants won the SB twice because nobody could deal with their pass rush.

We then get Calvin and the organization has no understanding of what a talent he is. Instead of having a plan, which means a pass blocking unit that can allow enough time for him to run deeper routes was never a focus. Even with Stafford as the perfect QB to throw to Calvin, they didn’t understand that you have to keep these two guys healthy by design to succeed. Building an OL to allow our best talents to succeed was how you win! Instead Stafford is getting killed by a horrible OL and Calvin is being forced to run 3 yd routes for 1st downs getting him beat up by DB’s only chance to get him on the ground by hitting him low.

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I wonder what Spielman’s contract looks like, I bet he’s getting paid similar to Holmes

I doubt he has a big contract. I would expect it to be less than a third of Holmes.

SO true! We could have spent money on OL, instead of Peete and Ware, and let Barry win us a title. Kramer was good enough to hit a very solid group of WRs who were almost always single covered. Barry made every player on our O’s job so much easier.

On the blind spot - so true. People who seek to understand cut their blind spot down by asking questions and seeking help. The average person who hires me already has a golf coach, a personal trainer, a financial advisor, a therapist, etc. People who seek help…seek help.

Campbell will be asking players what they see, asking Holmes what he sees, etc. Collaborative effort makes everyone better.

I have a spiritual coach, a business coach, and a sales/marketing coach. LOL. I’m aware that I can grow, but I relentlessly seek out how I can be a happier, less dramatic, more loving, happier, more fulfilled asset to society.

Servant hearted, instead of making it all about ourself - Campbell’s got that shit in a major way. We absolutely do need a badass OC to win. Chaning the culture is not enough.

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Kudos for all of the work. I have found that I no longer have the time to spend on so many areas. I read a lot and do my own self analysis along with a beer with a few guys I respect. I spend a bit more energy mentoring others as I never really got fulfillment with my own accomplishments . I accept some areas I have no desire to change, regardless of the facts (like going completely vegan).

My son was/is a special athlete and would be an extremely special coach in BB or FB. He has a clear understanding of competition and picking the point to attack. I used to play tennis as well and spent the first 15 minutes testing the weaknesses of my opponent athletically and then it was all over. If they didn’t do something well, they choked on it. He used to start out a BB game testing his opponents abilities and in most cases he knew within 10 minutes everything the opposing point guard could do. Many players win and lose and never understand what the key elements are. I talked with an opposing coach with a good reputation who couldn’t understand why his point guard never played well against my son. I wanted to tell him, but I didn’t until after they won the big school state championship.

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