The most important thing to start strong!

The past two years Goff has started out very slow, but finished strong and super strong. Which has confirmed to me that Coach Campbell must play him a plenty in the pre-season!!!

Each preseason he has played him in only a couple of drives a game, maybe even less. He could never work a rhythm with Shark. He was terrible.

Now give him the reps. He won’t pull a Danielson like back in the 70’s!!!



I’m expecting the Lions to play their A game 9/7

I’m sure as hell going to lay down some jack


I expect us to play our A game in every regular season game! Always.

And I expect us to use our preseason games to get ready to play our A game!!!

Biggest problem with that…Coach Campbell doesn’t seem to think Goff needs the reps.

His slow as shit starts prove otherwise.



Last year vs the Eagles 180 yards rushing

They loaded up vs the pass and Goff as usual, took what they gave him, that pick 6 (and it’s not like he’s second all time in pick 6s, lol ) sucked but sometimes the bad guys make great plays

I’m jacked for this opportunity 9/7

You’ll see :muscle:


You play your starting quarterback in preseason only when your starting old line is out there too. The thought of starting Nate Sudfeld against the Chiefs should keep preseason snaps for Jared Goff to a minimum.


I’m perfectly fine with playing all of the 1’s much more then the past two preseasons.


How do you define a super slow start from Goff? What games and what metrics?


Um, through the first 4 games of 2022, the Lions scored the second highest points in the league.
I assume since Goff was playing, that he was a big part of that.
Through the first 7 games of 2022 the defense was historically bad.
Goff had a rough 3 game stretch, games 5,6&7, coincidentally, his top 4 WR’s and top RB were injured during that period. At the same time.
I’m beginning to understand the Goff “hate”. It’s not hate at all.


Additional fun fact. Through the first 4 games, we went 1 and 3, while outscoring our opponents by 1 point.
Chark was a non-factor until he came back from injury.
That bodes well for the beginning of the season. We know who Marv is. I like Chark, but, he’s no Marvin Jones Jr.


*Psychologists use the term “gaslighting” to refer to *a specific type of manipulation where the manipulator is trying to get someone else (or a group of people) to question their own reality, memory or perceptions.

I’m not saying the OP is gaslighting, I think he may have just fallen to the constant gaslighting that has taken place on this board from the Goff “disliker” crowd. And unfortunately it comes from some of the more influential members of this board and thus has a greater effect.

Even when the evidence is clearly out there, there are still some out there that think Goff is a problem for this team. Clearly, and I mean CLEARLY, the Lions early season struggles in 2022 had absolutely zero to do with Goff.

It reminds me of whoever it was (can’t remember who) kept claiming that the only reason Goff was doing so well was because the Lions were constantly behind and having to pass to play catch up all game, even though when simply looking at the game logs show that to be completely unfounded.

Or how about the poster (again, can’t remember who) was claiming that the loss to Seattle was Goff’s fault for not scoring more, even though the offense scored 45 points and Goff’s stats were…26 of 39 for 378 Yards, and 4 TDs to 1 INT.

It’s a perception now that has been burned into the brain of some.


Metrics? Who wanted me to look at the metrics?

W-L record in '22 first 4 games - 1-3!

Don’t make me google 2021, too lazy to do that. But full year was what? 3-13! How’s that for metrics?

And yes, we went on a monster run last year to go 9-8 with some sweet wins! And Goff was amazing. But I swear he pissed on himself the first 4-5 games. And a full robust preseason gets the poison out.


There was also some porous Oline play those games. RG was a sieve, Raggs toe was flaring and Decker had a down game or two

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I’m thinking Campbell I getting it very, very right. Our OL & running attack are nasty AF. Goff injury= big problem

let him watch most of the preseason

I’d rather …

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That’s how Vaitai went down for the year.
Our initial plan for the last pre-season game last year was to rest the 1’s. Then the Pgh coach said I’m starting the ones…let’s rock, and Danimal couldn’t resist.
How you start is over-rated. Its how you finish that counts.

Look at them and u maybe understand Goff wasnt the problem early last season. But we need a defense from week 1.


We had to try and out score everyone the first part of the season. Goff was taking chances because we couldn’t stop anyone. If the defense starts off like it finished last year Goff will be fine with or without preseason.


Yeah I don’t think it’s Goff who is starting slow. It’s the defense that’s been flat to start the last two years.


OP made me tilt me head


This isn’t a baby bird…. It’s a football team!

If you choose to go “all in” emotionally, and they suck…. hopefully you have more
Meaningful things in life to fall back on…. I surely do!

If you go all in, and it pans out, then at least you go to “enjoy the ride!”

—- those who even remotely question Goff at this point crack me up!

  1. Go back at look at 2017- he was easily a top 4-5 passer by every metric, and at age 23!
  2. Go back and look at 2018, and again Goff was easily at top 5-7 QB…. At age 24!
  3. Go back and look at Goff in 2022…. Easily a top 5-7 in every metric….
  • he was the #1 overall pick, has prototypical size, has an above average arm, is very accurate, and a great teammate/leader…. He’s put up great numbers, had playoff success, and has led 3 top 5 offenses in the last 6 years…

Jamal Williams- 459
Brock Wright- 591
Amon Ra- 832
Reynolds- 555
Raymond- 635

  • please show many any QB remotely considered as good as Goff with a similarly weak supporting cast? That’s real…. Those are the only guys who secured 550 snaps at WR/TE and 400 at RB…

How about Burrow?

Mixon- 600 plus
Perine- 448
H Hurst- 550 plus
J Chase, T Higgins, T Boyd- each over 750!!!


Eckler- 700 plus
Everett- 667
Palmer and Williams- 800 and 700
Keenan Allen- 500 plus


T Ettiene- 662
E Engram- 868
C Kirk and Z Jones- 900 each
M Jones Jr- 700


Miles Sanders- 673
Goedert- 735
AJ Brown- 1000 plus
D Smith- 1000 plus
Q Watkins- 681

—- this draft was merely getting Goff a viable set of NFL players….

Let’s be real, it’s not up to Goff… it’s on Ben Johnson and Brad Holmes…

Goff has proven himself with “off the street level talent” and he’s taken a team to a SB that had similar talent to above…

2018 Rams-

Gurley- 825
Higbee- 788
R Woods- 1000
Cooks- 900
Reynolds- 680

Goff took that team to the SB with the #20 rated D!

If you guys are all in, BE ALL IN! If Gibbs and Monty are the right fits (Ben/Holmes) then I expect 900 snaps, and a combined 2600 yards and 16 combined TDs…

If Laporta is good enough to justify the #34 overall pick, then we should see 500 snaps and 500 plus yards with 4 tds…

If Jamo was the right pick, then 500 snaps for 600 yards and 6 TDs should be feasible.

Gibbs/Monty- 900 combined snaps
Laporta- 500 plus
Ra- 1000 plus
Reynolds- 700
Jones Jr- 550
Jamo- 550

If we get those snaps from those guys, and have a #20 or better D… then we win the division…