The moving target

I would say that the vast majority in this forum feel really good about Holmes. I’d say that a lesser, but still solid majority love DC, and I haven’t read too many posters questioning Glenn nor Lynn…

So get solid discretion and vision at GM, leadership at HC, and XOs in the coordinators… check?

When we unloaded Stafford for a haul of picks, let KG and Jones walk, and avoided any big multi year FA deals, I’d say we showed our hand that a rebuild or retool was in process.

We fortified the lines with elite trench talent in the draft. We brought in a top tier veteran DT. We moved to a base 3-4 to maximize when Romeo, Julian, Bryant, Harris etc were best suited for.

At some point we all agreed seeing progress and 6-11 or 7-10 would be okay.

We all seemed to accept 2 years of Goff as a 25 TD and 12 INT level QB could work if we maxed out our D talent and established ourselves as a top running team.

Nothing… I mean nothing… NOTHING has happened to the contrary, yet we’ve questioned Goff, wondered about Fields, and now having a shitty D or awful WRs seems like it will be unacceptable?

18- 30 for 255 yards with 1.6 tds and .75 ints per week is what we are hoping for.

If the D is top 20, we have a 1,000 yard rusher and Goff has 25 plus tds and 12 ints, and we win 6 games, then I would think we all be optimistic about 22’ with money, picks etc


I’m (by a wide margin) most skeptical of Anthony Lynn as OC. And it’s not that I know that he won’t be successful, but he’s only coordinated a run heavy O with a high end running QB. We just don’t have any proof of his tactical passing game chops and given his background as a RB and RB coach I think there is reason for skepticism.

Totally sold in Holmes. Totally sold on Glenn. Cautiously optimistic (though with a bullet and moving towards “somewhat confident”) in Dan Campbell. I think as a Marine’s son he’s probably fairly organized. He’s clearly a hard worker and disciplined based off of his physique at that age. Most of the pause about him nationally is simply due to his unorthodoxy and I don’t think that’s much of a factor either way.

But Anthony Lynn as the Jarred Goff whisperer? I don’t know about that.

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Jared Goff is not the right type of QB for Anthony Lynn. Lynn’s offense is geared towards a dual threat QB or at least one with an above average rushing ability with the ability to work in designed QB runs. QBs like Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Deshaun Watson, Kyler Murray, Russell Wilson, Cam Newton, Dak Prescott, Daniel Jones, Jalen Hurts However Lynn did make it work with Phillip Rivers who has a similar skillset to Goff.

While I am very much not sold on Fields like a lot of people are a match of Fields and Lynn would have made the offense very interesting. My thought process is that the Lynn playbook is somewhat limited when the QBs don’t have rushing abilities and is expanded (like it was with Herbert this season) when the QBs have wheels.

I don’t think we can possibly know that. Lynn has OC’d for 15 games in total. He happened to have a highly mobile.

I’m pretty damn sold on Fields which makes me sad being that he’s a Bear. I love Sewell though so ultimately I’m content.

Approximately what I’d expect.
I can see Goff doing a little better than that, but overall about what I’m thinking too.

Some of us need to brace ourselves for the same thing that always happens to the Lions.

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I’m most skeptical now on ownership
Really understanding how they can help impact Lions reputation and make Detroit a destination players hope to end up in

I fear lions ownership may have a lot to learn

And if things sour they may have trouble holding things together and making the tough decisions in a way That elevates the franchise in the eyes of the talent.

I actually really did think I saw that with getting this diverse group of coaches together
But then other moves I thought should’ve been turned to PR wins where team had a chance to shine in unique ways , we’re fumbled over not seeing big picture.

I just think we want lions ownership to have a championship reputation becatse that helps attract talent.

So, he’s ok for 2 games? Dude needs better meds or meidtation

Don’t forget about Campbell, Brunelle, and Randal El!
Duce will have his say, too. Of course.
I’m not worried at all. The TE is the big guy.

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I really think the office linebacker helps this scenario a ton. What the Fords would have seen as uncomfortable, too much trouble, conflict (truthfully, who knows what they were thinking), Speilman will be able to calmly dismiss as misaligned and “part of the business.” Different animal in the front offices. Same with Coach Dan. Same with our bald guy! Different animals, all channeling energy toward a the same goal. We have not seen this much lack of ego and willingness to learn here in our lifetimes.



But because the lions were not able to execute their Calvin plan snd what I see as botched release of a 17 yr employee ( has muhlbach offered a public statement yet ? )

I’m not sure ownership understands imo how that hurts their reputation amongst the talent making BH DC and Spielman job a bit harder.

DC made the breakfast club with 4.8 million subscribers Donkey of the Day with a long diatribe about the move reflects the bigger picture where corporations don’t care about us. That’s the outward projection of lions brand and is seen as more SOL than winning culture change.

I’m not saying it’s doom but I still think ownership matters and those two things concern me as I try to evaluate ownership’s priorities.

It all fades to background if DC BH with Spielmsn’s help build a winner.


This time of year is probably the worst part of football season because of the constant reminder of how cut throat and brutal the business of the game is -

How many professional football players are actually out there losing jobs , trying to stay employed, feed their families , chase their dreams , be given a chance , etc

Many of them pretty young too in the context of adulting.

Once the final roster is set , those stories fade behind the ones who made it.

It’s great celebrating those who made it too - it’s just a brutal business.

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I could see more from Goff as well, but don’t expect it.

It’s just strange hearing, reading…

  1. This is just the start of a rebuild
  2. Don’t trade picks for player, we aren’t 1 guy away
  3. Don’t spend money on anyone over 28

Based on hiring an entirely new staff, implementing new schemes, moving on from Stafford, Golladay, Jones Jr, AP, J Davis, Trufant, Coleman etc and not spending much more than 3M a year on a replacement for anyone but Stafford… I’d say rebuild and rebrand was the goal from day one.

Get bigger, get tougher, play faster, play harder was clearly the plan and the message right? Sewell, McNeill, Onzurike, Fells, Okwara, Bryant, Iffy, Harris Ty Will, Perriman etc.

The guys we expect to be on the field are bigger and better athletes than the ones that left. Better players? Many will not be, but that’s why we see all these rookie and 1 year prove it deals.

This was between a 5-12 and 7-10 roster 2 months ago, and it’s likely what it will be unless injuries or great chemistry push us a bit higher or lower.

Goff not excelling in practice with a near league worst receiving corps and while learning a new offense isn’t an indictment, it’s common sense.

The safeties being a weakness against a receiving corps like Pitt isn’t going to be a surprise, I’d bet on it.

If we can’t protect the QB, run the ball, rush the passer, or stuff the run by week 10 I will be nervous.

However if we are proficient in 3 of those areas by season end.

Safety, WR1, WR3, RG, MLB, and Edge is a short list given the money and picks we will have.

Free agency




Yup - I think a lot of dudes overlook that - we are practicing against ourselves. Is the O good…or…is the D bad, when the O has success.
When the D has success, is the D really good, or is the O really bad?
To Be Determined. Not enough information.

Good post, man! Hoping you’re right. If it shakes down like that, I’d be happy.

I still think we need a RB too, depending on what Reynolds and JJ do. I’d love to upgrade Williams to more of a 2 headed monster with swift, instead of clearly Swift and his backup. I would love to have that, though I recognize most teams don’t.