The next "Bus"?

6’ - 285lb Running back Antwain “Little Bus” Littleton.

When I played HS football, there was a running back for an opponent who was nicknamed “Junebug.” We all thought it was a stupid, hilarious nickname until they handed him the ball. He was about 5-6, 200+ pounds — a bowling ball of pure hate. I remember the coach catching one kid for sliding out of his way instead of attempting to tackle him.

Didn’t blame him then and still don’t.

Yeah, I remember this kid they called “Dumbo” because he had these super-long chin-strap straps that snapped high on his helmet and then flopped over like some ears. He was bigger and faster than everyone else, like he was 3 years older than everyone else or something.

I was undersized until 10th-11th grade. I was always the fastest on the team and played RB, most kids couldn’t catch me but when they did I got crushed! I was a scrapper but I’d get bowled over from time to time, it started to happen more and get less fun.

I can’t imagine having to tackle this kid head-on.

I remember there was this HUGE kid who played RB for one of the teams we played. We had a really good defense full of studs on their way to play college ball and even some future pros, so they weren’t really scared of him. They were fearless trying to tackle him, but they struggled big time. I remember one guy asking our star middle linebacker Travis what was wrong. Travis said “he’s too damn big around, I literally can’t wrap my arms around enough of him to tackle him!”

They ended up throwing conventional tackling out the window and just doing whatever it took to bring the kid down.

RB must have speed. He doesn’t have much.