The next few games

LOOK we have 7 games left to play , even if we win 4 of those , we will win 12 games this season and THAT is pretty %@#! good !!! but lets win at least 4 more.

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Detroit Lions won’t survive another effort like this one vs. Bears in the NFL playoffs

Carlos Monarrez, Detroit Free Press

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Actually, during the Barry Sanders era, it was pretty much just the opposite. There would be rumors of Wayne Fontes being on the hot seat, players would rally around their “player’s coach,” then Rasputin/Big Buck would reel off a string of wins to save his job.

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Good thing they dont typically turn the ball over 4 times and get doubled up in TOP… man monarez such a great take that i dont think anyone thought of…

Did we really think the rest of the division was going just roll over? There are no easy games.
We won!

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remember that , when Goff has 16 TD’s and 8 INT’s .

Carlos is the Leader of the Whiners Club its never good enough.

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