The NFL is using the Chiefs OL vs. the Lions in training tape for officials

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I watched it happen a lot in last nights game and it always seemed to be the RT doing it.

I thought the same but if you slow it down, you’ll see he’s just moving before everyone else, but not before the ball is snapped. There’s a reason Lane Johnson is considered the best RT in the game.

And if you watch us, Sewell is often moving before everyone else. Some guys just have better reaction times.

Just like they used Calvin’s winning TD against the Bears?

I wonder how often the Lions are used in “training tape” compared to other teams.


Makes sense. I guess I didn’t watch the ball. No wonder Lane is so good.

They are not looking at when he’s moving, they’re looking at where he’s moving from. The RT was lining up in the backfield. On a few of the plays he was even with a TE who could not legally be on the line of scrimmage. A flag needed to be thrown on at least one of them.


Oh I agree, the rule is about the way they line up. I was just responding to the idea that Lane was moving early.

That was the first thing that came to mind.

Second was the Samkon Gado illegal forward pass/holding in the endzone that somehow wasn’t a safety.

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Didn’t know where to drop this. ESPN states CJones is signed and playing against Jax. Kelce also. Last Thursday woke the sleeping giant.


One of the most intriguing games of the week, isn’t it ? 2nd year Walker & Ridley returning give JAX some hefty Davidian stones of their own to hurl at Goliath . Not sure a gimpy Kelce & un-game-conditioned Jones will be enough to compensate. Certainly no gimme/get right game.

There’ll be some serious schadenboners around here if they can topple him/them. Might get a lil’ chubbed myself; visiting those vile fans on Queefs Planet for the epic meltdown would be sweet. After visiting some Seahag sites as they squawk about the nutcracking they just got in DET, of course.

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First thing I thought of…except at least we are still winning those games now.


If you are making the case that he didn’t false start as much as people feel like he did, I agree. He perfectly timed quite a few snaps. But if you are making the point that he didn’t false start 4-5 times that were not called…I definitely disagree. Even his leg wiggle is illegal on 3-5 occasions.


He’s definitely starring in the next remake of Footloose. He won’t let the man stop him from getting his groove on.

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Anyone got any Samkon Gado Incomplete Forward Pass from The RB Falling Down In The End Zone After Getting a Handoff And Diving To Escape A Safety While 2 guys Are Being Held In Said End Zone With No Receiver Running Any Pattern And The Ball Not Getting To The LOS…


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Trigger warning, please.

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