The NFL NEEDS to add a player contract Max

Nothing can happen before the next CBA.
Current contract expires 2030.
Union wouldn’t want it.
It is not a good idea to limit any players salary.

Personally I hate the idea of a Max contract. I think it hurts the NBA more than it helps it and I have no desire to see it impact the NFL.

Team leadership drives contract negotiation in accordance with the current market conditions. If you have bad leadership, you will have bad contracts and ultimately a bad team.

We do not need rules to try and save leadership from itself.

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Yes this seems kinda crazy in a team sport that’s also so reliant on the end of the roster … on 46 of the 53 expected to play maybe just the back up QB as only guy active not expecting to play …

Baseball half the squad might not play. Hoops too.

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This is what gets me about the rookie salary cap , the draft and salary cap in general.

Lions as an example of if owners make bad hires … why shouldn’t they pay the cost ? We didn’t hire Matt M***** and owners being protected means we go multiple years of his bad decision making