The NHL Trade Deadline

Get in here, @WinnipegFan!

So wow. Winnipeg most certainly cleaned up.

But Mark Stone?

Erase last year.

If you told me VGK would have a line of Pacioretty-Stastny-Stone in it’s second year of existence? No.Freaking.Way.

I know Gallant is a player’s coach and loyal to his boys, but I can’t imagine that being the second line for too much longer.

And yet we find a way to seize defeat from the jaws of victory last night…

Stone was a great get, especially for what little it end up costing.

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I think Brannstrom is a legit gamer, and seeing him paired with Tomas Chabot would be cool.

That said, you make that trade every single time.

Suddenly we found our game again. Hayes was a big pickup and getting Ehlers back is almost like signing a rental. Sadly Morrisey is out for at least a month and Buff is still down until who knows when.

The pickup of Beaulieu is huge though, kid is showing a ton of game and I have no idea why he was in the Pressbox in Buffalo. Two assists last night!

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Im hoping for Erik Haula to return for the same feeling.

There’s even a small chance Nikita Gusev comes over and helps us out.

Either way, glad to see Winnipeg figure it out again. Its looking like a SJ vs. VGK first round for me, so I’m not optimistic about escaping the first round, but a WIN vs. VGK rematch would also be a blast (and also a likely Vegas loss lol.)

Did Gustav Nyquist really turn down a trade to Winnipeg? That wouldve been even bigger IMO.

And damn, Wheeler on pace for 100 points!

Wheeler is so underrated. That line is killer, Laine is finding his playmaking stride and Wheels is scoring. Scheif is quiet but the line keeps clicking.

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