The Offense Aint Half Bad

I know we sucked in the red zone and everyone is ready to jump off the bridge. But, the running game showed some flashes early and the passing game showed some potential in the 2nd half.

Cephus, St. Brown and Raymond all showing some potential for a WR crew that gets hated on constantly.

It’s going to be a tough season and we are going to take a ton of lumps but this team reminds me a bit of the 2009 team under Jim Schwartz. This was always a full rebuild, and still is, be sure to keep that in mind before jumping off the cliff.

Aaron Glenn might have one of the hardest jobs in North America. We did have an INT and if only we could have jumped on that sack fumble in the 4th Q.


Agree this is like 2009 with Schwartz! Also, the more I think about it, I actually liked the 4th down calls, despite the results. Why? Because they stayed aggressive. The lions needed TDs, not FGs. Because what happened when the bears got the ball back? They ran it right down our throats. We couldn’t stop the run all day, even after Montgomery got hurt.

Sewell seemed to take some lumps today, and one sack Swift totally whiffed on his block. He needs to do a better job in pass protection.

Williams ran really well and I can’t wait for the day where we can use him in the 3rd and 4th quarter because we aren’t down by 14 points.


The offense is good at being what it tries to be. Game managing. It isn’t capable of winning this team football games, and that’s what pisses me off. Why can’t you have an electrifying offense and a suffocating defense?

Yeah sure, whatever, no team in the league has that kind of personnel, whatever. You can still operate schematically like that.

I want an offense that wasn’t designed in this era…

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We need to stop the run. We didn’t do that. And we gave Dalvin Cook next week, though I’m jot sure he’s quite right at the moment.


I think they are working toward that but hard to do this year with all the dead cap. But I agree, I’d love the same thing.

Problem is our previous regime screwed us a la Ken Holland leaving what he left for Yzerman.

We can get there but it’s gonna be a minute.

Holmes is getting what Mayhew got. Campbell is Mayhew’s Schwartz. We went 1-15 in 09…

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Yeah we need to figure that out quick. We got run over and made it easy for Fields

So far I don’t think coaching is the issue, it’s a talent problem. We got a ton of rookies starting and they are learning on the fly. Like I said, reminds me of 2009/2010.


This time we don’t have outrageous rookie salaries to deal with thank goodness. the talent is the same for sure

That doesn’t provide an excuse for the caveman scheme and playcalling.

I don’t see any way in which they’re working toward an innovative offense.

Because they don’t have receivers who can execute it. Also, establishing a running game can open up the pass, and we’ve done that. It’s not an excuse it’s just the reality of the situation they were handed.

I thought the long Raymond TD was a glimpse of what we could do explosive-wise. Williams running for 8-10 yards on first downs was awesome.

I think swift had a subpar game. Same with Hock. Cephus is becoming or has become our #1 receiver.

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You might be right. I’ll never call myself an expert. But, I’ve cheering the Lions for 40 years and the running game gives me some hope and Goff in the spread offense was actually quite productive in the 2nd half.

And on another note, how’d Stafford do today!? lol

My mind red zone falls into play calling. We seem to run too much, no play action.

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Yeah the play calls on 4th and 1, I thought maybe could’ve been better, but then again what were they trying to do? Could’ve been good in practice and then something happened in the game.

That stupid bad snap did a good job of screwing us.

Although side not I don’t think Evan brown had a bad game in place of ragnow, but I could be wrong

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The offense moved the ball, mainly when they were down by multiple touchdowns AGAIN, but they can never seem to make the key play when it counts. Their strength is in the running game yet they have to abandon the running game early because they’re down by multiple scores in the first half in just about every game.

I keep saying this, Goff is far from the biggest problem with this team currently but I don’t think he’s any sort of long term solution either. He’s a perfect stopgap to somebody with more upside IMO.

With that said, there’s some pieces on this offense that they can build around.
The offensive line, running backs and tight end are all solid and there’s some promising young talent at receiver but you’re not winning many games scoring 17, 17 and 14 points. The defense sucks but the offense isn’t really doing their part either.


You mean the 4th and 1 when Amon Ra was open and the QB missed him? The playcall was fine, the QB has to hit that play.

Yeah that’s the execution side. Not saying they were bad play calls just was thinking out loud.

Also was that on Goff or was that a sloppy route run by st. Brown? I’m not sure but have seen it mentioned he could’ve come out of his break better and the throw was actually in a good spot.

Although, I also heard Cephus was wide open in the middle, so, there’s that too

oooooooh I don’t know if I’d go that far.

It’s a green staff, so I’ll give em some rope but they have not been great.

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I for one love full day of drinking spelling errors and erroneous spell check corrections. :grinning:

Hahahaha it’s a wonderful feeling and day regardless of outcomes isn’t it?

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Guilty on all counts