The Oline and Stunts

And not the Evil Knievel kind…

Seems the Vikings watched the Seattle game last week. The Lions Oline can’t pick up stunts. Is this bad coaching? Is this on Stafford or Glasscow?

Seems to me our offense moved better when Raiola read the defenses and called the block in schemes

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Oh boy, with the line calls again…
The answer to your question is in your question.
QB’s & Centers don’t call out stunts pre-snap. They can adjust to where the overload is suspected to be, but it’s still guessing, and stunts aren’t really part of that equation. Sure, there may be tendencies where the OL could expect to see something, but for the most part, picking up blitzes and stunts are post-snap adjustments the line must make. Raiola, Glasgow, Stafford, Brady, Manning, Brees… they can ~help~, but the OL still has to adjust to the play that is occurring.

Two issues. So the QB isn’t responsible for calling out stunt blocking. That’s on the tackles to yell “twist” when they see the switch. Just bad communication all the way around…10 sacks. Crazy

But separately it seemed like our offense moved better when Raiola called out the protection schemes. He wasn’t overpowering but was a smart player.

Our offense is failing in just about every aspect right now. There’s no room for our guys and it seems like defenses still know what’s coming

The oline has to recognize the stunts and adjust. You expect to see that when there’s no cohesion on the oline but the left side of the line has been together all year long. Ragnow is supposed to be one of the better interior linemen against the stunts. They are just getting abused and cannot handle simple bull rushes or speed rushes either. Just a pathetic display today.

This is coaching and execution. Most likely we’re lacking in both departments.