The only players worth keeping 2021

Yellow - get rid of if you can replace with equal or better vaule
Blue - Practice Squad

No to Kearse, stafford, KJ, Austin, Collins and Hall.

Austin was basically a rookie this and the defense was so bad…and the scheme was so bad… you really don’t know what you have w him. MP was horrible at coaching. He didn’t put players in position to win.

KJ was under utilized and I believe still is worth keeping. Same with hall. Remember last year we were more explosive and he had twice as many big plays in 8 games last year.

I’m not a huge fan of Collins but he is better then all the other LB’s so keep him at least for next year.

Stafford just bc you are not gonna get what you ask for in your criteria.

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Stated this in my thread…So, again:

Decker, Ragnow, JJackson, Hock, Swift, Kerryon, AO, Okudah, Walker, Prater, Agnew and Fox.

The rest…b’bye! Trade bait


I’d love to upgrade Agnew

I think a new regime could be beneficial for Stafford… and let’s face it, who wants to trot out a rookie QB, or Blough, while eating the cap hit for Stafford, when we could just keep him?

He’s been super loyal, I’m sure he would take well to having his successor under him for a year or two, then move on.

Stafford seems to be a good dude and loyal. I’m sure he’s beyond fed up now, but a good group of hiring a could rejuvenate him for a couple more years. And then we don’t have to eat all that salary


LB crew needs a definite overhaul. Would love to somehow land a captain type at safety.


I’m undecided about Stafford. He’s been in several systems (Linehan, Lombardi, JBC and Bevell’s) yet we still have the same complaints about him. His undisciplined footwork that causes passes to sail over receiver’s heads. He has a tendency to lock in on receivers. All of which has lost games we could’ve won.

Then he has moments of absolute brilliance. Some plays, he threads a needle beautifully and fits the ball where it shouldn’t be humanly possible. Or he’ll drop a perfect pass down the sideline between a CB and a S.

That level of inconsistency has me undecided. I’m not sure that his inconsistency should spearhead another rebuild with him as the face. But it’s so hard to be 100% sure.

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I say keep Stafford. They to get him to negotiate his number down as he gets older. Draft Kellen Mond and let him learn from Stafford. Use him like Tayson Hill. Give him a few snaps RPO as he has dome legs

KEEP Stafford, use the money we save by keeping him to start to boost the defense.

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The Stafford fan in me says trade him now. The Lions fan in me says ride him until your number is called on the QB roulette table.


Agree. If I was the new GM, I would keep most of the offense intact while really focusing on the defense. Stafford likely doesn’t have a ton left in the tank so eventually a new QB is going to take over and I’d prefer doing that with a good/great defense.

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Do we have one already in Tracy Walker?

Man I hear you 100% on this… at the same time, it’s hard for me to want to let him go… he’s been a good soldier for so long and nothing he’s done implies he would be anything otherwise…

I say new regime comes in, drafts a qb but keeps him for another year or two.

Stafford would probably make an amazing qb coach

I guess it’s possible. You know, a guy like that Diggs dude in Seattle would be nice. :joy:


That’s the safe approach. Better than trading him this year and being forced into a rookie QB that may not even work out.

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Yep, exactly. In this scenario for where they are now, they can be safe

For the same reasons, I believe surrounding him with a good/great O, is better. Build confidence, give him a situation he can trust, rather than running for his life, let him learn from Matt and develop chemistry with the guys. That sorta stuff!

Guys to build around are Golladay (resign), Hockenson, Swift, Decker, Jackson, Ragnow, Flowers (contract), R. Okwara, AO, Okurah and Fox. Honestly, these are the only legitimate building blocks for our next front office and coaching staff.

Other younger established players such as K. Johnson, Crosby, Hand (if healthy) and Walker are already important rotational pieces but should not be considered starters and are all capable of being replaced and/or upgraded on the roster.

Recent draft picks Cephus, Stenberg, J. Okwara, Penisini and Harris are still unknowns that may or may not develop into consistent rotation guys and quality depth. If we are lucky three or four of them will blossom under a better coaching staff.

So basically we have about eleven players that I would consider the building blocks for whatever comes next along with some young depth and uknowns.

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Curtis Samuel is the Lexus version of the Agnew Corolla.

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The defining characteristic of the Smaaht Guy is No Playmakers…PLUS the only ones we Do Have not named Matt, are FA next year (Kenny G and Romeo)

Probably can keep one, not both. For what it will cost to keep Kenny, we can get 2 starting WR (as we have our top 3 all hitting FA at once. Thanks again Smaaaht Ass), so thats how I’d go there.

But they have to draft Play Make Rs. So they need draft capital. Here is our Draft Capital Trade List-

Matt Stafford

The End.

Yeah, maybe we can get a 4th for Shelton and same for Trufant? Not getting any playmaker at picks 118 or so…but I’d rather get something.

The cap situation w/o COVID (eff you very much, Middle Kingdom) was going to be fine. Now? Ehhhhhhh…maybeish sorta not trash?


IDK that we do a whole lot besides backfill WR 1 and 2, resign Romeo and support guys and likely add a vet RB in FA. Its going to have to be the draft, so yeah, trade what we can to rebuild the foundation. If thats Matt, ok. If not, fine. But we reaaallly need actual speed EVERYWHERE…

2021 looks like your first 24 hours post op…you look like shit, you feel even more like shit than you look, but you’re going to live and in a week or two, things will start to look cautiously optimistic again…

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