The PFF grades thread

PFF ain’t the gospel but it is an objective “rating”

Rank Grade

9th Matthew Stafford DET 9 82.4

16 J.D. McKissic DET 41 75.4
41 Kerryon Johnson DET 33 64.5
55 Ty Johnson DET 31 53.1
Bo Scarborough is a 76 but he doesn’t have enough snaps


Scarborough is not the answer at RB at all. The Lions need a durable option and Kerryon is a good rotation with McKissic a good 3rd down option. Ty is worthless as he has no wiggle at all.

Ratings are nonsense. I grade RB’s on what they achieve in the opportunity they have on each run. Top RB’s constantly surprise you on how many yards they get with the blocking available and that is the only test that matters.

So they have JD Mckissic as the 16th OA RB? If that’s the case… yikes.

JR , Bo has played 4 different games , has 72 snaps and 301 yards rushing and a TD, his average is 4.2 . he seems fine to me .

Kerryon is not a durable option.

I’m fine if we kept Bo, JDM to go along with Kerryon. BUT, I would still want to add a #1 RB, because I don’t think KJ is that guy.

Sign Hyde then throw the rest of your resources to the defense.

That’s why we keep you around.