The Positively Positive Thread of Positivity

That’s right. I’m doing it after a loss.

Nobody gave the Lions a shot. There was good and bad. Clock management not the greatest. Ben Johnson having ADHD all over the place. AG struggling with the Bills.

But they played. They got into a street fight with the #2 team in the AFC and it came down to a field goal.

Beat the Jags, beat the Vikings, Lions are 6-7. Go beat the Jets, Lions are 7-7 and the narrative changes.

I don’t think this team is scared of anyone in this league.

So let’s enjoy the fact we had a great Thanksgiving game against a really good team and move on. On to Jacksonville.

Happy Thanksgiving all.


Most of us were “hoping” for a win today but at the very least, we played solid. We have a long break to get healthy and start a new winning streak.

At the very least we need to win 5 of the last 6 games. Vikings and Jets, our 2 toughest opponents have looked a little shaky lately so one of those in winnable. That leaves must wins against Carolina, Jags, Chicago and Green Bay.

Worst case scenario we only win 2-3 and end up drafting in mid teens (with hopefully the Rams pick ending up in top 5).

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I’m not terribly angry either. More irritated because it was a winnable game that nobody gave them a chance


I still say SOL cocaine pants reared it’s ugly head at the end…we could have sealed this one, but moral victory or not, it ended very “close game” SOL-ish.

*I’m not saying the team is SOL, but we’ve seen this very same SOL type loss countless times.

I’m mildly frustrated bc we made the same play call in the Minny game and went at Peterson on a deep throw when we badly needed a conversion.


4 weeks ago most of us had this game as a massacre. I’ll nitpick things I think they could have done better, but there’s no shame in losing to that team in a game that came down to the wire. The crucial moment late was losing Jacobs. Allen immediately went after Hughes once he had to take over covering Diggs.


Detroit has played 2 terrible games this year against the Patriots and the Cowboys.

They lost to division leading:

Philly by 3 points
Vikings by 4 points
Seahawks by 3 points
Dolphins by 4 points (Miami was tied Buffalo before today)
Bills by 3 points

We will be on MNF next year. 2023 is our year.


Just need a swing the other way. Six games left.

Im positive that this is wayyy better than that fat POS and Smaaaht Guy.


At least we finally look like a .500 team that maybe back’s into the playoffs for a wildcard jailsexing again, which is nice after the last 3 years.


I will say we look like a team on the rise

We have shown we can compete with anybody. But not that can consistently secure the Ws

If we stay on this course we make the playoffs and maybe win the Division next year

The Packer dynasty is dead. The Vikings are not a dynasty. The Bears are the Bears.

Dan definitely should get 3 years to match Schwartz being in the playoffs. At this point I think they will


DC was always getting three years at minimum, to think otherwise is foolish.


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Dan said it best during the post press conference:

“I’m proud of the team, we fought hard, but it still stings”


Goff wasn’t so hot on some of his passes, we fumble the ball and hand it over, but it took a David Bass Field goal to beat us, and I mean he BARELY made it…they gave game props to the QB, but hell we were 9 point underdogs and really, we took them to the woodshed, gave them all they wanted, and almost pulled it out…I cannot be too mad.

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Wellll, call better plays in crunch time at the end?*:man_shrugging:


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I know a lot has been made about the play calling, but I also find it difficult to blame that either. I have zero statistics to back this up, and I do hope that someone will take on the task, but it seemed from the eyeball test that they were avoiding the interior running game, as a percentage vs past games, due to two 3rd string guards and a stout Bills interior defensive front.

Can’t blame Ben Johnson for not trying to ram it in if he didn’t have confidence in success. If the Bills noted that trend, it really limits what you’re doing on 3rd and short. There’s only so many counters and sweeps you can run before they’re laying for it.

In my opinion, missing Jackson and/or Brown is what made the difference yesterday.