The Process 2.0

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Love Stevie coming home. Scary thing is that I thought the same with Harbaugh coming to Michigan.


I think the former GM left the wings in such shambles it’s gonna take awhile. But if TB is any evidence of his ability to build a team, well then… I’ll take another back to back Cup in another 6-7 years!

Funny thing i thought about yesterday, there was a lot of conversation about who the first Detroit sports team would be to make the playoffs. Well, of all of them, how crazy would it be if the Tigers actually do it this year? Not out of the realm of possibility!

if the Pistons take Cade with the first, they’ll be in next year.

Side bar: If they trade the pick (unless a Hershel Walker type deal), I will be extremely pissed.


The Pistons, and it’s not really a debate. I might go as far to say the Lions 2nd, then Tigers, then the Wings, because of how far out they seem.


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For sure and I would agree with you, Pistons and lions maybe tied for first, just because things can turn around quickly in those leagues. But if the tigers go on a run here and they surprise us all that would be cool!

Edit- I placed no bets on any of this because who the heck knows