The QB spy issue

So…my thought process is they don’t worry about spying the QB. Obviously. They’re trying to rely on their DEs to contain instead.

At this point I kind of agree with the thought process. Spying takes someone away from coverage or run support on a team that desperately needs those… It must be the lions thought process because they’re not doing it at all.

Let the QB get the yards w/ their legs and hit them if you get the chance.

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They are effectively spying… With edge players instead of an inside linebacker that you typically see.

They’re staying a the LOS until the play develops, and even then they’re staying to take away lanes until pressure arrives.

I think that might be what’s happening with Alim. Unleash the beast while the edge guys play with delayed pressure.

It’s asking a lot of the DBs, but you’re also not sacrificing one of the inside LB’s coverage assignment.


Such a double edged sword. When your LBs and S are fast and can close distance quickly, it helps SO much. Also - if we were better in the middle, they’d be getting flushed out of the pocket instead of running right up the got more often than not.

If an injured QB is dumb enough to run with the ball across the l.o.s. he’s asking to sit the rest of the season.
Just my opinion.

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