The Raiders

At the beginning of the year, this seemed like a game that the Lions should handle, but the game is going to be tough. They are playing the Texans tough right now, they beat the Bears and the Colts. Traveling out to the west coast is always tough for teams from the east. Oakland’s secondary is much better than the Giants, so I’m not sure if guys like Hock and Amendola are going to be wide open a bunch of time like they were against the Giants zone defense.
I kind of look at the Raiders as the Lions of the AFC. New coach trying to change the culture…

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Going to the game. It will indeed be. Difficult game but I think we can take them.

Trade count down, tic-tic-tic…

Do you live out there?

Playing in Oakland is never easy
Traveling to the West Coast to play is never easy but honestly is easier than a West Coast team coming East

If we play well we will win and if we don’t we won’t
But it is a game we should win and really need to win to stay in the hunt for post season

We gotta stack some wins on top of today’s win

Lions lose by 7 to 10 points

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That sounded like something John Madden would say.



But that is the truth with this Lions team. We can beat anyone if they play good football. And lose to Anyone if they don’t

Will be a tough game but our wrs should have great days. Likely need 30 to win

Going out West is always a tough W. We need this one though.

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I live in Eugene. My dad and I are meeting in the Bay Area for the weekend. He’s 70 and we’ve never been to an NFL game together so I splurged and got second row seats on the 45.



I hope they win for you guys!

And us too of course :blush:

The Raiders are playing their first home game since week 2. Sept 15. This is a disadvantage for the Lions IMO. These guys are going to probably have a lot of juice

They have a Thursday game vs the Chargers after our game. That can be a distraction.

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I guess. That’s probably one of the worst home field advantages in the league.

Although Ford Field May be up there as well

Is it though? Playing on that field is like playing on concrete. Definitely a unique stadium and never easy to travel out west.

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You could be right. I was speaking more in terms of noise and the crowd. It’s gonna be a close game. Excited to see it in person


I’m pretty sure that curious Husker was talking about the tiny stadium that used to be StubHub (Divinty Health now ?) that the Chargers play in. Conversely I’m pretty sure that Iggy was talking about the Alameda County Stadium where the Raiders play their home games.