The Rams draft pick

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Most likely I’m alone on this, but I kind of hope they win a couple more games to drop us down to around the 10th pick overall. It’s looking more and more like we aren’t getting one of the two big names we wanted on the DL and I think I’d rather have the top corner in the draft than the third or fourth D lineman.

If we picked at 10 we could take that CB without picking him in the top 5 and then grab the RB with our 2nd pick in the first.

I don’t know. Just spit balling. A high draft pick might be tradeable though, for one of the QB Needy teams. Maybe the Colts or ATL would be willing to move up to make sure they get their guy.


If the Rams lose next week we’re all but guaranteed one of those two guys. Unless Seattle blows it for us week 18 of course.


We need it to fall within the top 4, ideally top 3.

Need to have a chance at Anderson or Carter and the top 2 QBs.

If Anderson and Carter are gone we can get a ransom for young or stroud.


If we could get Carter, then forget everything I just said. Outside of those top two DL players though, I’m not overly excited about the prospects at areas of need for us at the top of the draft


What if the Texans take Anderson 1OA? This is not a great franchise after all. It might put them in as a front runner for Caleb


Very very good point. Don’t they have a bunch of picks too? Also I’m not really sure that they are really sure about Lovie smith

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Bring us Carter!!!


This is why you NEVER want to pick lower in the draft (with someone else’s bean)… because the trade possibilities could be a huge windfall (though very unlikely)… but also because the Lions themselves are still evaluating the prospects and it isn’t a over yet.

There might be a player they interview and do more homework on in the next 4 months that they really want….
so picking in the top 5 might be necessary to landing that player!


I suppose so. I’m trusting them to find good players either way. I think I just got a little dejected there for a minute looking at the available players. I’m kind of feeling like it’s kind of becoming Carter or bust with the way things are shaking out to end the season. A trade down would be amazing but those seem to be a bit hard to pull off.


The reason that trading down is rare….

is because the teams picking in the top 5 become convinced that the player they want to draft at that spot is significantly better than a player they can draft at #10 or so….
and they may not always be correct…

but I still am hoping for the top 5 pick that could be traded for additional assets… or land that true game changing player.


This is what we need. Denver needs to beat the Rams. Period. At that point we will get Will Anderson or Jaylen Carter. Houston is taking Bryce Young #1. Just need a couple more dominoes to fall our way.


but unfortunately…

I don’t see the Rams losing to Russ.

George Paton has to be sick to his stomach……
gave up the future for Russ…
then doubled down on an extension….
and they can’t score 20 points in a game until the backup QB plays… (yes I know they scored 20 a few times… but still)


Remember, we had Herbert for the taking. I’m not sure we would pass on Bryce Young

If Denver’s D can still play spirited ball like they did last week against the Colts, and Denver runs on them w Latavius, we may be in luck. Denver is favored by 1.5 right now. Let’s hope the Rams mail it in. No need to get anyone hurt.


My dream draft for now and the future


Too bad it’s a mock draft reminiscent of One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest


Sauce went #4 in 2022, ahead of Thibs. Are you sure you’d want to drop to 10?


This weeks game between LA and Denver as mentioned above is going to determine how good our draft Christmas really is. Losing this game should guarantee Anderson Jr or Carter.

Neither team owns their own draft pick so hopefully Denver has a little more urgency considering the jobs that are on the line.

I personally think the addition of Carter and a CB in round 1 could give us a top 10 defense heading into next season.


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You want to drop down?
Before the combine?
Before the pro-days?

Even your bald-ass avatar isn’t going to get a like from Natty on this one.