The rb position… have the lions ever been so deep?

This 4 deep rb roster is the deepest i have seen in my 51 yrs as a lion fan. Theres been better lion rbs of course but to go 4 deep at rb where i am ok with any of the 4 running the rock is something i cant remember ever. I want to see all 4 get time each and every game. Can anyone remember a deeper group of rbs on this team? Heck theres not many teams in the league with a better 4 deep right now.

No, the closest thing would be: (1) Joique Bell & Reggie Bush in 2013; and (2) Dexter Bussey, Altie Taylor & Horace King in 1975.

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You’re forgetting about Barry Sanders and the great Ron Rivers

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Neither of those 2 examples was a 4 deep at rb. Barry could count as 3 rbs i guess but really real guys no 4 deep this good.

It’s kinda hard to give an example of that since most teams usually only carried 3 running backs for a long time.

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Ok can you even think of a lions 3 deep as good or deep as the top 3 this team currently has. (Pick either jackson or netflix as #3). Plus all 4 have real game experience

I would agree faster if cuts were final. Frankly if Iggy and or Jemar make the team i am not ready to agree. They are both average at best in my opinion. If it is Swift, Williams, Reynolds and Jackson I agree.


Is it a deep RB room, or is it the first time we’ve had a competent offensive line?
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That was the question I was responding to


Eric Lynch. Nice reference.

Also, thanks for making me feel like an old man. Why is it that I can remember this dude from GVSU having two really good games at the end of the season ('93 maybe?), but I can’t remember why the hell I got up from my chair two minutes ago?

If we look through the history of this board… we obviously were the deepest at RB every season that zach zenner was on the roster. Ha.

Not in my lifetime. No, we’ve never been this deep at RB.

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