The real reason lions fans want the team to trade down

The real reason we want the lions to trade down is because the draft is our porn! To shoot our load so quickly when it can be sustained thru multiple trades would be a downer.

Yep i went there!

Well all lets enjoy this and lets hope we can keep it up (the pick that is) and gain much more draft stock!


I couldn’t disagree more about the porn analogy. There is no substitute for the real thing. Porn I mean. So in summary, porn is our porn and the draft is our Super Bowl. In fact, I “know a guy” that is able to flip back and forth between the draft and porn just to keep it up longer! Excitement. Talking 'bout excitement. The draft can drag at times.

But when we pick its then a let down as we complain its the wrong pick… just like after some good porn… if it was our super bowl there would be a parade afterwords. Nope we dont get that. Just the let down knowing whoever we pick will suck. The superbowl analogy has been wrong all this time… its actually our porn day.

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That’s why the #3 for #18, 26 and 39 picks would be more fun. I don’t really expect that anything the Lions do or any one they pick would really pan out. I mean, I’ve been a fan since 1957. But it would pique interest in the draft and draw out our high holy
day when hope is an option.

On a side note, a friend of mine did a Tarot reading on some draft questions for me. it turns out: Yes, the Lions will trade down this evening and it will be a win for us. It also turns out that their picks will not reap rewards…

I think you are giving a new definition to the term “edge rusher” there Mike.


At least you didnt say tight ends