The reality of the 18th pick

Sitting at 7 Brad Holmes wanted to trade UP to get his guy. When sitting with the Rams pick at 32, Brad Holmes clearly didn’t think of it as the last pick of the round. He was researching players much earlier in the round and traded UP to go get one.

I can’t imagine the same GM that wanted to trade up from 7 and did trade up from 32 all the way to 12 is going to sit idle at 18 unless the draft is falling absolutely perfect for the particular target. Getting from 18 to 12 (for instance) is going to be cheaper than what Holmes paid last year for a move to 12. So while we keep looking for who might be available around pick 18, we might want to ask ourselves who might be available around 12. Because I feel like at a minimum Brad is about to make a move to 12-14 and might even make a move to the back end of the top 10 for a guy we were considering at 6.



Beans for Bijan!



All facts, man.
Thing is, he waits until round 4 to pick st brown as well. SO hard to say which direction he goes.


Walk away with a stud on the DL


Offensive stud whether it’s Bijan, Skoronski, etc

And we are having a good day.

If we gotta use a day 2 pick to do that then so be it


Oh my gawd we need this draft to get here.
This anticipation is killing me


Trading up is possible. Trading down is possible. Trading a pick for a player is possible. Trading a player for a pick is possible. I’m pretty sure Brad has accomplished all of these in his time as GM.

It’s all about who’s available and what value they’ve been assigned.

Also you have to consider the player rating vs the pick #. Certain drafts may contain a lesser number of higher rated players and some drafts contain more. If it is a “great draft year”, you may want to give up future picks for picks this year. If it’s a “lower rated draft year”, you may trade this year’s picks for next.

You need to play the game like you are going to be in it for the long run. Usually when GM’s make “short term” moves, they are self-fulfilling and their job becomes “short term”.


I’m convinced this is why we traded Hock. That second rounder is going to be used to move up. Maybe before 18, but I think its just as likely we get a third first round pick or an early second. This draft is pretty deep.


We will be trading for future first round picks.

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In the mock drafts (who knows how close they end up being to reality), the “value” is late 1st to mid 2nd.

Guys I really like are in this range:

Darnell Wright
Jamyr Gibbs
Darnell Washington
Drew Sanders

Getting 2 of them would be awesome. Getting 3 would be amazing. Trading down from 18 is definitely and option as well.


yes - that’s what i’m seeing - really good players between 18 and 48. and similar players between 48 and 55. i’d actually love to trade up to the first or second pick of the second round. Especially if you don’t go gonzo or spoon early. the next five corners are going to be good (porter smith forbes banks maybe ringo but they’re usually all gone by the end of round 1.

I agree with that range being a good spot to find good players, but I would be shocked if Darnell Wright was there. He could go as high as 9th overall to the Bears, but I would be astounded if he made it out of that Titans-Jets-Pats-Steelers gauntlet of OL need. If you’re looking for one position where a run will happen, it’s OL. I think Anton Harrison goes in that range too (along with Jones, Johnson and Skoronski). I wouldn’t be shocked if Dawand Jones goes at the back end of it. OTs always go high.

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Yep. It sounds like he’s the number 2 OT over Broderick Jones for some of the teams that don’t specifically need a LT.

That’s what it looks like, yeah. Everyone seems to love him. And there’s quite a few teams with RT specific needs. Most of them, really, especially if the Bucs are moving Wirfs to LT.

Reality is in the mind of The Villain, and that mind will surprise. When most people were predicting restraint during free agency, I was one of the select few who predicted that Brad would leverage Dan’s Culture like Silicon Valley Bank to snag Sutton, Moseley, and CGJ. Yeah, right, I did. :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:

The Villain like the Honey Badger does what he wants, does what he wants. We can witness and be awed it (and perhaps understand it in retrospect), but we’re monkeys and typewriters. At least, I am.

That won’t stop me from guessing and braying next week…

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Look the reality of the 18th pick is that there are 17 picks in front of us. Trust me I did the math.
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Trade down a few picks’ and draft Van Ness. Breese at 18. Jack Campbell at 55. Texas RB Johnson later.

Can we also draft Drew Sanders or Riley Moss?

And Sam LaPorta and Merriweather, that way we get all the IOWA guys.

Drew Sanders very likely gone early in 2nd. round. Also draft Texas RB Johnson.